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Crazy Hidden Buttons!

Created by BongoJongo

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Map Info

Hello! Can you find all the buttons? If you think you can, this map is for you!

The map contains 13 levels. In every level there is a hidden button. You must find it to reach the next level. Try the map NOW! Good luck! :) 



Map Details

Creator: BongoJongo
(118 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 937 KB
Added: 2016-09-23
Downloads: 15,410
Category: Finding Maps


+13 Lgamer I love your channel and video

2017-04-01 16:50

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+11 Panda You forgot the CanPlaceOn tag on the button for the prismarine level. Couldn't place the button, and had to give myself a placeable button.

2016-12-18 17:01

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0 Lind bad map imo, you hide the button on the same place so much (under a chest) ._.

2016-10-17 17:25

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+14 JetCypress awesome map im reallly waiting for part 2! :)

2016-10-14 15:00

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+8 TigreraFox Nice map. Some of those buttons were pretty hard to find!

2016-10-04 03:51

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+3 Snowman Quoting enderman708:
plz make it a zip file!

Agreed I don't know how you can change it into zip file, but I want to play this map

2016-09-24 10:01

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+4 enderman708 plz make it a zip file!

2016-09-23 16:23

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