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Titan's Revolt

Created by Fangride (+More)


Map Info

Created by over 20 talented map makers and nearly 5 years in the making, the sequel to the acclaimed Pantheon finally arrives: TITAN'S REVOLT.

Featuring some of the most challenging gameplay, unique mechanics, and beautiful areas seen in a CTM, be prepared for a real challenge as you lead the fight against the Titans and complete the monument.

Managed over the years by Fangride, Csillagvihar, Hybran, Taschneide, and Rockenroll4life, we are proud to finally present this absolutely massive map! 

With 16 wool to collect, in the classic 1.8.9 style, featuring work from mapmakers like Fangride, ElRichMC & KillerCreeper55, WallcraftMC, Csillagvihar, Kaladun, TikaroHD, Krose, The_Sketch, Blade933, Ragirk, Drago, Draco_Rogue, Xethyros, and many more, with countless amazing CTM maps under their belts, this map may well be the greatest CTM challenge you will ever play.

We wish you luck. You'll need it. The Titans are waiting for you.



Made for Minecraft 1.8.9

Titan's Revolt

(31 votes)
Creator: Fangride (+More)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 107 MB
Added: 2018-12-29
Downloads: 2,034
Category: CTM Maps


+2 a random guy You guys are awesome in building, and actually I casually found myself playing the pantheon not so long ago and the buildings were really awesome. The thing is that I wasn't able to admire your buildings at first because of the insane level of difficulty of the map. I played it with three friends, and we had to enable teleportation between each other, keep inventory and we were playing in easy. With those settings, we reached intersection two in 1 week. That was so frustitating that we stopped playing. You should use your incredible buildings capabilities better, i think.

2019-01-04 12:51

+6 Guimora The map is unecessarially hard. There is just SO MUCH mobs and mob spawners at every single corner of the map, that it gets unfun. Even more right at the start, where you have literally the gear worth of three cows and three wooden logs, with no hope to get more. My death count scores 56, and I just got to the second intersection. The history is a 5/10, the map is truly a piece of art tho. But the enemies are just so harsh in quantity, that you have no chance to proceed. It is FRUSTANT. There is no keep inventory. There is no great tier weapons, there is no permanent weapons either! So, when you get a weapon that is above average, it breaks in no time. The merchant sells awful items, that can only be bought by exploring the world little by little. What turns out to be impossible, since you cannot stand against the massive explosion of mobs. You can't mine properly, and it's easy to notice because the world wasn't generated normally. So, you need to go with what you have. And since the game gives you bad mining gear, you supose that you should walk your way through the mobs, right? Wrong. Everything kills you. Something could had be done to make this a better experience. Like the actualy capacity to walk on the map. Also, another thing, there is no save point that aren't beds. So you have to sleep a lot. Oh yeah. You cannot. There are monsters nearby.

2019-01-03 21:12

+2 stromosso l love this map its so good and fun but i am not good at ctm maps but it is fun and good job on the map you all did a good job

2019-01-02 16:56


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