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Created by Nup Build Team

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Welcome to Lalauaya!

This is the second version of Laluay made by the Nup Build Team

We have worked for months to release the next update of the map to you guys. Thanks to all of you for the support on the last map, we have included in this update:

  • A house in the woods
  • A brand new branch of forest
  • A mountain
  • A volcano
  • And a jungle for all your adventures!
  • We have hidden the board we used to select prompts on what we build find it, and get featured in the next update!

As always, this map is a creation map, so it is multiplayer compatible. You can make a youtube video on it, as long as you link my channel youtube.com/nuppy.

If there is any faults or things you would like to have added please let us know in the comments :)

Just in case you don't spawn in the correct spot, here are the coordinates: -277 14 1119


Map Details

Creator: Nup Build Team
(115 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.6 MB
Added: 2018-09-22
Downloads: 2,849
Category: Creation Maps


+4 NupBuildTeam Quoting Hyro:
Looks like loot lake from fortnite

Funny enough, that is where we got some motivation from :D

2018-11-26 00:54

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+2 NupBuildTeam Quoting xunyiXY:
Can I reprint this very good map?

2018-11-22 18:20

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0 xunyiXY Can I reprint this very good map?

2018-11-01 09:35

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-5 Hyro Looks like loot lake from fortnite

2018-10-09 01:56

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+1 BellyWelly Wow really nice and detailed really love it! But why no commands me and my sister wanted to have a dramatic horse/sword fight
but we could`t go in survival! XD LOL

2018-10-05 01:32

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+2 Supergangtrollet I realy like this awsome map and cant wait for more. I came to minecraftmaps.c om and wanned to instal a forest to build in. This wasn't realy what i search for but at least same awsomenes. As i said realy awsome map, when are the next comming? I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

2018-09-29 19:24

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0 reddragon2005 Wow.. this is possible the coolest build map I have seen.. you guys are awesome!

2018-09-22 01:56

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