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The Lost Potato (Chapter I: 'Prison Break')

Created by ICrafting

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Check out the sequel: Chapter II: 'Misjudged'

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You find yourself in a prison cell along with a completely innocent piglet that you must save from execution, so you can embark on an adventure after, to find the lost potato!

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- Made for minecraft 1.6.
- Single or Multiplayer (up to 3 players).
- Custom storyline, scripted events.
- Challenges, action, some parkour and puzzles.
- 50 minutes of gameplay.

Recommended resource pack: John Smith Legacy 1.6


Update v1.2.4:
- Fixed: Can't get out of a 2-block high hole in the dreaming joke room.
- Added: Another dog in Cell 1 that can be tamed.
- Modified spawner-timer in the multiplayer version.

Update v1.2.3:
- Fixed: Bridge hole at the snow mountains
- Fixed: Pig can't always get up on the vines. (Stairs added)
- Added new checkpoint at the last room.
- Changed rule book instructions
- Modified multiplayer timing (custom spawner)
- Fixed: Village well bug
- Fixed: Single player teleport command not working
- Fixed: Spawn player in lava after dying in first room.

Update v1.1:
- Fixed: Changing to Hard difficulty by command blocks didn't work.
- Added more Hints, instruction signs.
- Modified timing in multiplayer spawners.
- Added walkthrough.txt.


Map Details

Creator: ICrafting
(77 votes)
Version: 1.2.4
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 15 MB
Added: 2013-07-05
Downloads: 244,072
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Frygonz Welp. I'd love to play this map, but there are no instructions on where to extract which files, so every time I try to start the server it "encounters an error". Why is it so hard for map creators to just provide simple written directions on installation? It isn't obvious for everyone.

2017-12-23 21:38

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+1 Silverwolf_11 I will always have a special place for this map in my heart, it was the very first adventure map i ever played, and the only one i ever played more than once. Playing it again 4-5 years later, and it is still one of the best i have ever played. A perfect combination of combat, storyline and puzzles and animal companions (something i love in a map but something not many maps have). Bravo!!! Please please please make a number 4!!!!

2017-11-23 05:05

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+5 Snowball_10 I was really looking forward to this but the world doesn't show up in my list of worlds.

2017-09-24 16:01

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+3 DocWaffle Quoting dhika_chan:

you can actualy. in 1.6.4, you can break glass.
if its still not work. i recomend to check what version are you in.

Changed to version 1.6.4 Client crashed.
Reopened in 1.6.4, spawn into a huge chunk of missing map.
change to creative to attempt to find spawn, there's the chest where the rule book should be,
but there's no book, and the other half of the room where start the button would be is missing...

2016-02-09 11:37

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-11 domcreator im sorry but the pig and the dog were horrendous. the pig bloody jumped off the edge and killed himself and the dog drowned himself in lava and the blaze room was terrible and there were too many one way doors. i wanted to see everything that you built but it was physically impossible. and the prince puzzle was glitchy and the story was ridicules in the beginning. i had to go in creative like 7 times!

2015-12-30 21:20

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0 TheLiteralMuffin I had a problem; the lava didn't fall down when I was in the first "part" and since I was in adventure mode I kept starving to death (because there was no food) and also I couldn't break the block to get out of the first stage

2015-12-30 16:33

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+1 AndonPickles GREATEST MAP EVER!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! the story was great amazing builds amazing Redstone, some times the pig annoyed me but AMAZING MAP DONT listen to any one who say its bad ITS GREAT

2015-12-01 11:50

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+1 dhika_chan Quoting TheBossMeow:
So in the very first room I got stuck. So I read the walkthrough. It said break the glass. Ummmmm.... Adventure Mode? Can someone help.

you can actualy. in 1.6.4, you can break glass.
if its still not work. i recomend to check what version are you in.

2015-11-11 06:59

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-3 Simsayshello24 What a cliff hanger.

2015-10-12 00:02

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+3 Matt_smith Great map I really enjoyed it. It was not to hard and not to easy.

2015-08-29 16:13

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0 TheBossMeow So in the very first room I got stuck. So I read the walkthrough. It said break the glass. Ummmmm.... Adventure Mode? Can someone help.

2015-08-03 03:40

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+6 GameBoy_95492 Amazing map!!! I loved every bit of it, especially the end when (spoiler alert) in the book in the cell says "-Your old friend, Prince Dorleac (My friends call me Ekke.) and I'm all like, he has friends? xD can't wait to play chapter 2!!! I accidently ate the potato relic... it hurt me D:

2015-07-06 18:46

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+4 pighater69 why won't my pig stop dancing? i got him down the stairs and now he's just jumping back and forth, refusing to move.

2015-05-25 20:53

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+2 WeCanGame Nice map! we (2 players) did a playthrough of this map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dZ7rvsFwLk&list=PLd1fU6awV5TM9b0XevPLdKdrVQqMGrjaa&index=8
We'll probably do the next chapters, too, it was fun!!

Except for piggy. He was an idiot.

2015-05-22 04:36

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-21 LOLGamer i have 3 comments
1. i hate piglet! (piglet its so stupid)
2. i hate parkour!
3. i hate lava!

2015-04-28 09:38

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+3 epic7crafter What do you do in the frist room when you are in the prison?

2015-03-11 18:12

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+2 epic7crafter Spell out PRINCE with the letters and it will open a door.

2015-03-11 18:09

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+14 dqflynn main reasons I downloaded this map:

1. I REALLY like adventure maps
2. I love potatoes

2015-01-19 02:12

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+2 Tuftybird Loved this map, so detailed and immersive - thank you so much!

Slight issue for me:

I got to the second archery challenge (the tall room with the water stream, vines, and shooting mid-jump puzzle). The checkpoint didn't show up in the same place it did in a Let's Play video I saw (on the floor under the jumping platform).

Not sure if this is because I was playing single rather than multiplayer, but I was definitely playing on adventure mode, normal difficulty etc, as per the whole game.

Either way, thank you very much!

2015-01-16 14:53

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-4 InfernalDevice Thanks ICrafting, great map. I enjoyed making this play through of it. http://youtu.be/Gflmg3-wMTY
Now to move onto chapter 2. :)

2014-10-03 00:55

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-6 frozenWolf I uploaded some game play of this awesome map :D


2014-08-01 17:06

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+4 cameron This adventure map is awesome

2014-07-05 11:06

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+9 B0BOimpMCPC Great map! I love the plot and the map is epic. Keep making maps like this one.

2014-06-27 00:05

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+5 PotatoLover Actually really nice map gonna play them all

2014-06-09 16:47

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+5 Pig Pig gets lost when i jump into water and now cant find him Help?

2014-06-07 01:40

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-21 PsychoticGamer I just started this map as a series on my channel and it seems pretty awesome so far. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DYACZAQEwE&list=UULlOF4nR86ZjRhnhgLHyMMg

2014-05-28 21:50

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-4 ThatPluckyBrit This is a new series on my channel, great job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhE2YQKw-TY

2014-04-21 10:36

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-9 Tobe5656 My Friend And Me Did A PlayThrough Of This Really Good Story Line And A Great Map. Want To Watch It? Go Here!

2014-04-12 10:28

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+7 Izzy Is it required to carry the pig with you?

2014-03-23 18:20

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-9 Zebrous Me and a friend are doing a playthrough
great map

2014-02-16 02:21

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