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Save Santa!

Created by ThatGuyIsWill

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Map Info

Save Santa! Created by thatguyiswill - is a minecraft adventure map that takes place on Christmas eve where you need to find santa!

You need to figure out why he has gone missing and get him back by going through various obstacles and challenges!

Map length - 10-15 minutes long
Difficulty - normal


Map Details

Creator: ThatGuyIsWill
(406 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10
Size: 596 KB
Added: 2016-12-17
Downloads: 11,182
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 Human Quoting Will:
Maybe Next Christmas :)

or maybe an easter one!

2017-07-01 22:26

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-2 Will Quoting Person:
Make a second one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe Next Christmas :)

2016-12-30 23:38

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0 Person Make a second one!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

2016-12-29 23:23

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+1 MineCrusher102 I LOVED THIS MAP!!!!!!! It was amazing. if you want to check out me play it -----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjRKr77-wyw

2016-12-27 22:34

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-1 Will Quoting TrinnyPig:
Can this map be played with 2 people?


2016-12-25 14:32

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-1 NeoBalongDobilly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv4WqZ0hXw8

Made a a video going through the map i hope you guys enjoy.

2016-12-24 23:15

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0 joon Amazing map :D
I recorded myself playing it :))

2016-12-24 21:00

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-1 TrinnyPig Can this map be played with 2 people?

2016-12-24 16:40

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-1 therendibrothers I finished the map fast

2016-12-23 20:34

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+1 CashewCake Short and Sweet! Perfect for having a good time!


2016-12-23 17:28

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0 TheGamingDragon1738 I recorded me playing the map, here's part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxsqvGIX2Yo I also just wanna say this is an amazing map so far so good job! :)

2016-12-23 00:27

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+2 Milldue Had a lot of fun playing this map! I did a playthrough of it for anyone who wants to watch!

2016-12-22 22:32

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+1 SILENTKILL30 »Great map, come check out my prospective! and Subscribe if you like, leave a like!«

2016-12-22 00:41

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+1 Will Quoting MTVampLady:
Awesome map dude! Best map i've played so far ^^ Even though it's short I still enjoyed it!

Thank You So Much! :) Merry Christmas

2016-12-21 19:07

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0 MTVampLady Awesome map dude! Best map i've played so far ^^ Even though it's short I still enjoyed it!

2016-12-21 03:15

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-1 Bananza Heres the link to my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJrd7sjgb9A i linked the map creators yt and the map id really appreciate if you checked it out

2016-12-21 02:27

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-1 Bananza Just recorded a video of this the map was amazing the video should be up within 3 hours or so heres my channel link if anyone wants to check it out id really appreciate it :D


2016-12-20 23:24

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0 EnderGamer5665 HEY GUYS.
BTW loved the map...

2016-12-20 00:38

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0 TapirMoose Hey dude! Really fun map and did a video on it! Keep up the good work! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxMyNGQ7xTw

2016-12-19 21:48

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+1 Glitch I was playing the map and i found a present and i accenditally put the present in the keyhole and it some how opened and the door and there was a button that said stop the pumpkin king and the map ended so i think i found a easy way to end the game but i don't knowif this is suppose to happen or there's more. Great map though :D

2016-12-19 17:27

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0 Eli Hey guys did you know you can use a present on the first level to open the door as i uses no item detecter
overall its a great map just use an item detecter next time pls!

2016-12-19 17:15

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+1 Guizoc I played this map and is really good.... here is the YouTube video :D : https://youtu.be/YBMSLNwS9SA

2016-12-19 13:32

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+1 NoName Nice map! I really loved it only thing that could be better is it could be a little longer. Overall i loved this map :D

2016-12-19 13:09

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+2 FlamingGirl521 I like this map

2016-12-19 11:04

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+2 Evan Quoting Maurycy5:
Not too hard, just great.
But where are all the 5 presents? there is supposed to be 1 in each stage, I found 3 (none in the 4th stage), even later in spectator mode.

I actually found one on the 4th stage. If you saw a cobweb when you look to your left after you spawn and look straight towards Santa in a jail cell, there is a sneaky dug sideways hole underneath the cobweb on the wall. The 5th present is after you enter the iron door (by putting the lever in the hopper), look to your left. There is some missing stone on the wall and look deeper on the left, and the present should be there. Just giving you a heads-up!

2016-12-19 03:40

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0 alex great map kind of short but the map is great. good job.,

2016-12-19 00:25

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+1 Will Quoting TheMiningPirate_:

Thanks So Much! Merry Christmas :)

2016-12-18 22:45

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-1 Will Quoting Maurycy5:
Not too hard, just great.
But where are all the 5 presents? there is supposed to be 1 in each stage, I found 3 (none in the 4th stage), even later in spectator mode.

Hey Thanks For Playing My Map :) I Just Made A Video Showing How To Get All Of The Presents - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCsRA8EmZ3k

2016-12-18 22:44

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-1 Will Quoting HomelessGamerSub:
Awesome map :D

Thank You!

2016-12-18 22:42

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0 Will Quoting Booper Dooper:
Heyy! Is this map for multiplayers too? l

Yes The Map Is Multiplayer

2016-12-18 22:41

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