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This is an adventure map with small elements of CTM thrown in. It is my 6th map, and my biggest project to date, needing one year of work to complete.

  • Type: Adventure
  • Duration: 2H
  • Version: 1.10.2
  • Language: English / French
  • Players: Solo / Multiplayer
  • It works with a big resource pack, multiplayer compatible, it's playable in French and English.
  • It's an adventure map, but you will find in some CTM aspects.
  • Built for Minecraft 1.10.2 only.

Seriously, don't understand "parcel" as another word other than "a plot of land" ^_^

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"You awaken in a strange apartment. A mysterious button at the exit makes an explosion, putting the place in the sky, out of the ground. Despite the event, a voice tells you to stay calm.

After you placed two stones in a strange altar, the exit is accessible, and lets you see the sky from the destroyed corridor your walking through. It guides you to one of the numerous parcels that will let you get out of this Hell where someone keeps talking with you."


This map lets you travel "parcels", just like levels, in there you'll have to find "parcel stones", keys to be able to leave the parcel (this is where you find some CTM stuff).
At the end of each parcel, you will hear a voice, talking directly or not to you, and keeps making the story progress.

The more you progress in this map, the more the parcels will be bigger, as the number of parcel stones to find does.
The difficulty is increasing normally, but will feel it differently.

At a certain point, you'll find some varieties in this repetitive progression. It'll be connected to the story with some special rooms, preventing you to escape.

Finally, some reflection, action and musics are in the place!

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Made for Minecraft 1.10.2


Creator: Likarios Lebeks
Map Category: Adventure Maps
Map Version: 1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
File Size: 81 MB
Date Added: 2017-01-09
Downloads: 3,819


0 moonsugarx This map was amazing! The parkour made me a little upset at times, but was overall amazing! The music was awesome, the voice acting was great, and the story was so different!

Only thing that bothered me was the turrets at the end. They one-hit kill you and they're just really really hard to get past! I thought I was gonna be okay at my 7 death spot, but those dang things put me at 25 by the end of the map! But overall just a beautiful and fun map!

2017-01-16 23:03

0 Jrmclaughlin I can't get pas level 27 or 28. the one that is an icy cave? please help me!! i found all the parcels but i can't find the door to the next level!!!

2017-01-16 22:06


2017-01-16 17:49

0 TheNetherHunter Great map! I had to take a break in the middle because I found it a little repetitive but nevertheless fun. Voice acting was cool music was nice.
I thnk it needed some hints here and there for some of the harder levels but overall good job.

2017-01-16 16:58

0 ThunderBolt832 This is one of the best maps I have ever played!
There were a few bugs I found along the way, like chests with a block above them so you couldn't open them, but going on creative and destroying the block solved that, (there were important things in the chests).
Also, in a couple of parcels the music didn't work/voices stopped, and I know it wasn't MY sound because I could still hear the gates/ground/gr ass, etc.
Great map, I would probably give it 9/10.

2017-01-16 07:28

0 Jack Quoting CoolKid193:
One of the best adventure maps I've played.
I'm stuck on parcel 5 now.
Could you make a walkthrough? That would be really helpful.

Same! I just need to get the 3rd parcel on that wood bit.

2017-01-15 23:53


but it's very challenging as the levels go on. I warn you XD
I liked this a lot because of it's unique and 3D texture pack! I also enjoyed the voice acting, it was frightening at first but I got used to it.

2017-01-15 15:01

0 BRD This map is very great and I LOVE IT!! But I have a little problem: In the end, when the creator appears, my character just stuck in front of him and i cant move anywhere. Pls help!
( sr if my English is bad )

2017-01-15 04:48

+1 Four Faces One AMAZING MAP!!! Hope you can make a part two, don't feel like it's ended.

2017-01-15 03:19

0 CaffSpider Imma stuck on parcel 9. Help meh!

2017-01-15 01:51

0 kittenJill I can't get passed cruel bay. I can't find the third parcel. Can someone please help me out?!

2017-01-14 21:05

0 enderman56738 Very good map but at the end of the the last parcel, i killed the creator and the battle music and playsound loop is still on.

2017-01-14 20:07

0 __Conquest__ Well done! It's so hard to find a map this big and adventurous these days. Your adventure was well executed and fun. Although some buttons and parcel stones were harder to find than others and some parts were slightly confusing, that's what makes maps like these fun. Great job and I hope I see some more maps by you in the future. :)

2017-01-14 18:05

+1 TheFlyingCat A really good and developed map and really good with the final boss and music:)

2017-01-14 17:57

+1 Hoi Itz Tem what do i do? i am stuck at parcel 3...

2017-01-14 17:22

0 harry im stuck on the last parcel when you fight the boss i can't move

2017-01-14 11:55

+1 LiamSoup Awesome Map, Just Broke For Me because The First Parcel Guard Died By Fall Damage And Not My Fist, Try Fixing That Maybe, Still Got To See it.

2017-01-14 00:34

0 Likarios Lebeks Did all the buggy players get to play this map in 1.10.2? With no cheating? If not, the map would break, it's normal.

2017-01-13 20:23

0 fsda Quoting Lacey:
I'm stuck at the exact same spot, does anyone have a hint?

the last one is in the toilet of the apartment

2017-01-13 19:31

+1 craftercis Hey I streamd this map on YouTube, this iis a verry awesome map. But after the first bossbattle brokes the map. Every 5 seconds you going in the skype for 2 seconds this is verry weird.

YT channel: I-craftercis

2017-01-13 14:37


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