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Craft Raider - A Jungle Story

Created by fj&jr

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Map Info:
After three weeks of work, it's finally here: Our Tomb Raider-styled jungle adventure map. Your journey starts in a snow-covered village, you'll walk along abandoned railroads and finally arrive in the jungle region full of temples. Checkpoints? Just one at the beginning of Chapter Two. Have fun.

The map is split into two parts:

Chapter One (Prologue: The Journey) and Chapter Two (Jungle)


-You'll join the map in Creative Mode. Change your gamemode via /gamemode 2 PLAYER

-Be honest, don't cheat. /time set 0 is okay, you actually should play at daytime consistently.

-Don't place or destroy blocks, no crafting.

-Don't leave the map's playable area.

-Try to avoid creeper explosions or play with a No Creeper mod.

-The balancing is made for singleplayer mode.

The map is created to be played with the Default texture pack.

There are at least 20 hidden chests in the map, each one with one emerald and some equipment. Each emerald scores one point. How many are you able to find? Submit here!

Our record of speed-playing the map with all secrets included: 14:30 minutes.

Map Details

Creator: fj&jr
(12 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.3.2
Size: 9.56 MB
Added: 2012-08-30
Downloads: 38,772
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 Reece da boss I found 19 emeralds!

amazing map! lots of detail!

2013-03-23 11:25

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+2 Jbob I found 15 emeralds and 49 diamonds in adventure mode, but then i went back in creative mode and found 1 in a secret cave (In plain sight), and the other four in the snow village.

Best adventure map EVER!!!!

2013-03-12 21:01

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0 me i just spawned in the middle of the forest not in the village ... sad face

2012-11-07 19:48

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-7 SickleSword Pretty decent map, made me annoyed as can be seen in my lets play video. Damn lava pit!

2012-11-04 16:58

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+3 jakylime very well made, took me 30 min.
The BEST adventure map i have ever played
most of the time i just get lost :P, but your one had those nice canyon walls that kept me on the trail.

2012-10-31 01:33

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0 Fizzybas i got 14 emeralds and 49 diamands :P
cool map. realy fun to play

2012-10-22 14:36

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+2 Samimortal Lol, I feel bad...

I only got 10...


nice map though

2012-10-20 02:35

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+4 CreeperKing32 11 emeralds found.
I really enjoyed this map. I looked for the levers for a while, and I don't know why people are complaining so much about levers not working, they worked fine for me. Iron sword, diamond helmet, diamond pants and iron chestplate. This is a map I just love. Other people may hate it, but I don't care bout that. :D

2012-10-13 01:37

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-4 Redgumybear It's a awesome map.
I got 13 emeralds.

2012-10-12 14:20

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+2 Psykes Love the Tomb Raider & Minecraft idea. I think I'll try doing a playthrough of this map on my YouTube channel within a day or two. Look up "Psykesss" on youtube to check it out :)

2012-10-03 22:02

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-13 Emily Taylor the weird structure i was talking about is at X-227 Z 1034

2012-10-03 13:22

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-14 Emily Taylor Lots of stuff didnt work and looks like the makers got lazy some way through this, nice map to kill a short amount of time on but other than that it sucks, it was also left on creative when i got it and i spawned in at the middle of the temple. i turned it to survival for a little while but had to switch back to creative since a few thing wouldnt work as well just before you reach the temple i flew off the trains and just a short walk from it i found this weird structure that looks like candles or something that get taller after each one with a platform at the end and a sign that says: "er mag es adrig & haarig" not sure wtf thats supposed to be for but ok.

2012-10-03 13:16

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+7 gastolaofphi I really enjoyed this map, but it needs to be longer. It also should have more of a story to it, and a little harder. I wizzed through this map in 15 minutes with over 64 emeralds.

2012-09-23 12:01

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+3 STM 13 emeralds would like to see a story line

2012-09-22 13:43

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+2 matnelson i found all 20

2012-09-18 00:50

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+1 player 19...damn...whe re's the last one...

2012-09-17 15:23

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0 reviewer99 Sorry dude but this map just doesnt cut it. the the prologue was boring, should of added a story through the journey. Also, most of the redstone did not work, so i had to turn it to creative so i could continue.

2 out of 10. Very dissapointing.

2012-09-15 09:27

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+5 xThemadgodx I enjoyed the coordinates X-81 Z 968 :) there are a few spots where you can jump over the wall btw play through it and see if you can fix them.

2012-09-13 09:10

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0 Lockid I got 12 Emeralds and have a full set of diamond armor and a gold sword

2012-09-09 23:40

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-1 rex how to download it ?
is there a a place you need to put it or something?

2012-09-09 22:31

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+1 Cameron_M Only five weeks? i worked on city of testifica for like 2 months and the next map im making im guess will take like 3 lol

2012-09-08 08:42

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+1 lalaland 3 levers too far away, spent 5 hours trying to find lever until gave up and started using pickaxe

2012-09-07 04:09

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-1 Benjoyo nice map :)

got 14 emeralds und 49 diamonds :P

some more action would be cool ;)

2012-09-05 07:28

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+1 TheDuke looks kewl

2012-09-04 23:31

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+6 JamesC Click the big button that says "Download Map".

2012-09-04 08:08

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-4 idunnno i am new to this game, and i want to know how to download this map? how do i

2012-09-04 08:05

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+5 Recklessvietnam i got 14 emeralds, and lol on the penis in the end :P but your map lagged a story and something to push me forward. i spend most of the time looking for the things which the levers opened.

if you figure out a story, it would have been an awesome map :)

2012-09-02 18:35

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-5 jessica down it only comes in rar make a zip file

2012-09-02 14:05

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+6 Recklessvietnam Looks awesome! :D i will download it later today, and see for myself.
But 3 weeks doesn't seem like a long time, i'm still working on my adventure map, and it has been 5 weeks already and I'm not done :O

2012-09-02 10:08

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