News: Minecraft 1.16 "Nether Update" has been released by Mojang!

Holiday Minecraft Maps

Celebrate the holidays this year with these themed maps for minecraft!

We've also got separate pages for Christmas Maps, Halloween Maps & Easter Maps.

Clover's Advent Calendar is an adventure map featuring many different challenges, including parkour, puzzle, CTM and more!

This puzzling mini-game is all about using logic to assign 4 gifts to 4 elves. The elves will give you logical propositions, allowing you to deduce what configuration will give each elf a valid gift.

Minigame Advent Calendar. 24 Minigames. 24 Days. There are many different types of minigames in this map. Adventure, PvE, Survival, CTM, Racing & more minigames. Each day a new minigame will be made available

Face 24 puzzles and free 24 villagers in this multiplayer friendly adventure map!

Mobnificent Thanksgiving is a Thanksgiving + Minecraft mob themed, find the button styled map.

It's halloween and when you get your pumpkin costume, it becomes alive! To defeat it, find all Magic Gems in the forest while being attacked by mobs!

Halloween Map. A boss based on the White Pumpkin from Minecraft Story Mode. 10 Stages, Cutscene, 3D Models, Custom Textures, Voice Acting & Custom Models.

Search for candy in a run-down mansion while trying to avoid the Grim Reaper! How much candy can you get?

It's that time of year folks! The time when you go outside (Yeah, outside) and collect candy from strangers! You have to be careful though, as some bullies might steal your candy! Play with at least one of your friends, and try to get the most candy!

If you are still in the Easter mood, this is the map for you! 8 different levels +1 bonus level! Go ahead try it for yourself!

Your mission is to save Christmas once and for all by shooting down the explosive minecarts as they reach Santa.