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Winter Puzzleland 2

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Winter Puzzleland 2 is a remaster of Winter Puzzleland with some new puzzles, boss fights but with many of the same themes/puzzle ideas as the first map. You are preparing for Christmas when you get a note that Santa has gone missing during his preparation run before Christmas.  You must solve various puzzles and go on a long journey to the North Pole where you will gear up to save Santa and defeat Krampus!

There are 12 different puzzles that are lightly strung together by the story involving parkour, fighting mobs, redstone, & more. Each puzzle has it's own hidden present + music disc (the resource pack has music discs as various holiday songs). If you collect all 12 presents there is a special celebration at the end of the map. The 12 music discs can be played in the background in game while you try to complete each puzzle.

This map was a small project created by DoctorChosen & Sanswitch and intended to be a fun short holiday map to experience with your friends or solo.

Features List

  • NPC's to interact with & lore
  • Multiplayer Compatible 1-4 players (but there is no player limit)
  • 1--2 hours of playtime
  • Parkour, Puzzles, Boss fights & more!
  • Custom Holiday music & textures

Please download the resource pack attached for custom Christmas music & textures.

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Discord Server: Discord Server



2022-12-24 - Map Released.

- Fixed an issue where you couldn't craft an amethyst block due to mob loot being turned off
- Fixed an issue in the North Pole where there were 8 sand and not 1 nether star
- Fixed an issue in the North Pole where you couldn't collect an ice shard
- Fixed the beacon present to be place able at the end

Map Details

Map Creator: DoctorChosen
(38 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2
File Size: 88 MB
Date Added: 2022-12-24
Downloads: 7,703
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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