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Atilliary Facilities 2 - The Prequel

Created by Armystuntman

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Important notice before I go on...
THIS MAP IS VERY DIALOGUE HEAVY, there is a lot of talking going on so be prepared to read or else you might not get far. If you aren't good with English then you might find some problems playing the map.

This map is also much harder than the previous one despite being half the length, so if you had problems playing the previous Atilliary Facilities map then you will find this even harder.

Thanks for reading.

This is a short prequel to Atilliary Facilities, another adventure map of mine. Rather than being a clueless wanderer, this time you take the role of a professor working in the company around 9 years before the events of the first adventure map. You've been invited to the workplace to the grand activation of the brand new A.I, SADoS. However, what appears to be a glitch in the system turns everything into chaos, forcing you to run, jump and think your way through test chambers, offices and maintenance areas in your desperate escape, all while under his supervision.

Technical Details

  • A short one-time single-player adventure map heavily inspired by Portal and it's fan mod Portal Prelude. Contains even more challenging parkour, medium puzzle solving, a boss fight and heavy story with immersive visuals.
  • Locked on easy mode since there are enemy mobs in the boss fight. Don't kill villagers though or the story won't make sense. You can kill any enemy mob. (Witches are an enemy mob.)
  • Contains visual callbacks to the previous adventure map.
  • Contains title cards for all 6 parts.
  • Contains a cutscene for the activation and a lot of speech from NPCs. Extensive measures have been made so that the NPC's lines can not be rushed, skipped or broken story-wise. I'll probably upload a lighter simpler dialogue version in future for younger players and speedrunners.
  • Works visually well with low view-distance for lower end computers due to the enclosed spaces, but it is redstone heavy.
  • Only one ending that directly ties in with the beginning of the previous adventure map. (Also, it will teleport you into a room saying THE END on a sign to indicate you've escaped.)
  • Automatic save points. (No need for beds.)
  • Parts of the map are not replayable, so don't noclip around too much during a playthrough because you'l get lost or stuck. (Basically, don't cheat :P )
  • It's suggested to play this on a vanilla minecraft texture pack, other texture packs weren't considered when making this map.
  • Comes with the silly logo picture of Atilliary Facilities in the download file :3

Have fun! Let me know about any glitches or annoying stuff in the comments below or on my youtube channel, Armystuntman, and I'll try to respond and make updates if necessary.

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Atilliary Facilities
Atilliary Facilities 2 - The Prequel
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2016-02-09 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Armystuntman
(349 votes)
Map Version: v1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9 (Java)
File Size: 1.36 MB
Date Added: 2016-02-09
Downloads: 14,602
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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