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Atilliary Facilities

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This doesn't quite need a introductory story as you literally start off in the forest outside the facility, implying that you are either lost or simply exploring the forest only to arrive upon the strange testing areas of Atilliary Facilities. 

The story is progressed and created there and then by the player's actions (albeit rail-roaded by the plot) and SADOS' reactions to the player's actions.

The player is meant to be clueless about Atilliary Facilities's backstory, though there are some hints scattered around the map in the form of story, scenery and one lab report.

Technical Details

A one-time 30+ minute Portal-inspired map for single player only. Contains heavy parkour, light puzzle-solving, and a lot of story and visuals. It contains one or two cutscenes which means speed-running isn't supported (at the end anyway). There are very few checkpoints in the form of beds, use them.

If the map lags due to all the redstone circuits and decor, lower your viewdistance. For my bad laptop it works okay at 5 chunks. (You can actually play this map at minimum viewdistance, you'l just lose sight of some decor but that's it.)

There are two endings to this map which means the story needs to be taken seriously and requires some thinking and emotion to get to the right ending. Don't rush the ending, think it through.

This map is not replayable after the ending and requires you to replace the save, though you're more than welcome to muck about in creative mode. You can "replay" it without replacing the save as long as the ending doesn't occur, though actions that happen in chambers will not be reverted and some strange stuff might happen. (You will still be able to go through them if they are completed.)

Brief History & Trivia of Map Creation

I first started this map in 2012 in multiplayer as part of a fun challenge to make a quick adventure/parkour map. Back then I had only finished until test chamber -03, which was very different back then, and utilized signs as messages from SADoS (who wasn't named back then.) The piston area in the screenshot had lava previously, but that proved to be too difficult for the learning curve so it was removed, which explains the empty pit. (The second chamber also had lava instead of water.)

I then continued the map in single player with a lot of client-side mods, making the map end at the Waste Disposal pipe, and had utilized things like mod pipes, conveyor belts and other stuff for more complicated tests. That's why there's a lot of railroad tracks on wooden planks, they were originally conveyor belts. (Chamber -03 also used conveyor belts and was completed in a very different manner, requiring the player to catch the required item mid-air before it hit the lava.

The overall layout was kept but the way to solve the puzzle was changed and simplified for vanilla.)  Chamber -05 also used a can of tinned food from the mod, changed to a simple timed test of agility. The early form of the waste disposal plant during this time used black oil instead of water as waste. After a long hiatus of about 2 years I decided to re-make the map from scratch in vanilla minecraft as the old one suffered from too many modding complications, becoming much cleaner and less bulky in design as it went away from the original design. (That's why the first part of the map is very compressed and the rest is spaced out, it's initially based on the old multiplayer map that stacked on itself to save space and time in building.)

With the introduction of command blocks and a better grasp of redstone I was able to add SADOS' lines in the chat instead of having to read a bunch of signs, and was given more emotion. I also made use of teleporting for lifts, also to enable callbacks and impossible map geometry to make illusions and more space for scenery and chambers. Also gave SADOS a cute lil sign-face (He was made out of mod blocks before so I had to make do with the vanilla blocks and recreate his overhead pipes with fences and his face with...a furnace.....)


Also has a soundtrack I made specifically based on the map that is optional (I don't know how to insert it into the map sadly): Soundcloud Link. Some of the tracks are much longer than should be played in the map though, since I made it when I wanted this to be a larger Unity game, so consider them as extras.

If you find a glitch or bug please contact me on my YouTube Channel.

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Atilliary Facilities
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2016-01-22 - Map Released.

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Map Details

Map Creator: Armystuntman
(282 votes)
Map Version: v1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
File Size: 28 MB
Date Added: 2016-01-22
Downloads: 16,656
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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