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The Kitatcho Laboratories - Chapter 3

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Hello everyone, after over 2 years of development I am ecstatic and proud to finally share the next chapter in the Kitatcho Laboratories series! What was originally planned to be the final chapter in what would have been a trilogy of maps, we've decided to split the map in 2 as our ambitions for this series exceeded what we could realistically put into just one map. Because of this, expect Chapter 4 to hopefully come out sometime next year!

In the meantime, Chapter 3 is still much bigger and more ambitious than the previous 2 chapters, and features the following: 
- Over 20+ Chambers/Puzzles to solve!
- A fully voice-acted story!
- An original soundtrack with over 35 songs!
- Roughly 8-10 hours of gameplay (Over double the length of the previous maps)! 
- A heavier emphasis on story, lore, and secrets!
- Slimeballs... like, a LOT of slimeballs.

If you're new to the series you should be able to play Chapter 3 without needing to play the other maps while still having a fun and fulfilling experience, but we would still recommend you check out Chapters 1 and 2 so you can get a better understanding on the lore and running jokes throughout the three maps!

You can check out the previous chapters here*: 
Chapter 1 -
Chapter 2 -
*Just make sure to play them in their appropriate Minecraft versions

Chapter 3 is meant to be played in Singleplayer, and isn't recommended to be played with a friend. However, we did try our best to accommodate the map for 2 people, but this hasn't been reliably tested and we can't confirm the map will work as intended. If you do decide to play with a friend, play at your own risk!

Seriously, the amount of love and support we received for the first two chapters was beyond what we were expecting, and this gave us the motivation and ambition to create something on a whole other level than those maps. We really hope you enjoy the map, and please feel free to join our Discord to share any thoughts/feedback (which is linked in the map)!

We look forward to continuing to deliver more maps in the future with Chapter 4 and beyond!



2023-12-21 - Map Released.

- Dying in the spawn cave will no longer respawn you outside of bounds
- Link to a walkthrough of the map added to the spawn cave
- Small adjustments to post-map secret codes (The ones from v1.0 may no longer be valid)
- Added a new debug menu, accessible through: /function debug:menu
- Debug menu can be used to obtain debug codes for bug reporting in the Discord server
- Link to Resource Pack is now added to the rules room
- Fixed an issue where a decorated pot could take away your items
- Dying in Chamber 10 of Test Track 05 will no longer cause scrapped beta test elements to reappear in the chamber
- Big Zombie will no longer repeat voice lines after dying
- Fixed several broken checkpoints not working properly
- Levers from the chase sequence can no longer be taken into future areas of the map
- Items in flower pots found throughout the map can no longer be taken to exploit the map
- Additional consistency and functionality fixes throughout the map

Map Details

Map Creator: Team Syllica
(107 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.20.4
File Size: 195 MB
Date Added: 2023-12-21
Downloads: 5,260
Map Category: Puzzle Maps

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