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Ember's Edge v1.0 - 2022-12-01
Custom SkyWars v1.0 - 2022-12-01
A Starborne Mission v1.0 - 2022-12-01
Panoris High: Reborn v1.19 - 2022-12-01

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Mega Sky Grid


The SkyGrid map But with blocks made out of blocks

Creator: TheblueMan003 external MC Version: 1.17.1 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-08-20 Downloads: 19,894
(249 votes)
File Size: 130.7 MB


The map consists of 3 islands (2 side islands and one main island) and has dimensions of 2000x1000 grids. There are huge cliffs, mountains, custom trees, and a beautiful lake in the middle of the forest.

Creator: Strucel69 MC Version: 1.14.4 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-08-20 Downloads: 13,525
(250 votes)
File Size: 48 MB

Raft Survival


Try and survival and thrive on a small raft and beat the game! Featuring unique shop, Custom generation and more!

Creator: Zoocrafted MC Version: 1.17.1 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-08-20 Downloads: 23,179
(708 votes)
File Size: 1.5 MB

SkyBlock: Chronicles of Nidarr

Progetto senza titolo

In this custom map you'll spawn on a central island from where you'll get the necessary resources to progress towards the completion of the monument

Creator: zampognano MC Version: 1.16.5 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-07-18 Downloads: 9,737
(132 votes)
File Size: 57.3 MB



Time to snap back to Reality! A survival map with a bedrock border, the limitations of the player's mind. Explore as you discover more hidden secrets of the past as well as special artefacts that aid you in your goal. 

Creator: Anim3Add1ct MC Version: 1.17 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-07-03 Downloads: 3,921
(99 votes)
File Size: 12.3 MB

Real SkyBlock


SkyBlock map with many islands to explore, shop and many challenges to complete!

Creator: SirCicle MC Version: 1.16.5 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-05-18 Downloads: 55,720
(790 votes)
File Size: 17 MB



A survival map with border that extends with every completed minecraft advancment.

Creator: Oynospook MC Version: 1.16.5 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-05-02 Downloads: 47,941
(924 votes)
File Size: 42.6 MB



SkyBlock! But on an island?

Creator: Ghounds MC Version: 1.16.4 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-04-25 Downloads: 31,841
(313 votes)
File Size: 6.3 MB



Hayblock is a Skyblock-Like Game With Several Islands to Explore! You Gain Blocks Via Farming, But Don't Worry, Wheat Grows Extra Fast So You Will Never Be Bored!

Creator: Kyle99 MC Version: 1.16.1 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-04-25 Downloads: 6,056
(73 votes)
File Size: 11.4 MB

Infinity Survival


A game in which millions of dimensions are there for your exploring. Create any custom named dimension and journey as you try and complete Minecraft while purely collecting resources from those said dimensions!

Creator: yomikester238 MC Version: 20w14infinite (Java)
Date Added: 2021-03-31 Downloads: 14,556
(158 votes)
File Size: 49.3 MB



Can you beat Minecraft in 2D?

Creator: TheblueMan003 external MC Version: 1.16.5 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-03-24 Downloads: 24,285
(269 votes)
File Size: 7.3 MB



You wake up on a strange island, you look around. Its so bazar, is it a dream? Is it some sort of hallucination? After some time you come to except that your stranded on a floating piece of land. Making you Sky Bound. But luckily, there is a mysterious voice helping you through out your journey.

Creator: EpicGamerDoge MC Version: 1.16.5 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-03-24 Downloads: 14,861
(101 votes)
File Size: 17.6 MB

Island of Zarina


in Island of Zarina, your goal is to explore and survive in the sky and obtain 12 shards. Years ago factions set out to obtain all the shard and their powers.

Creator: Aurora MC Version: 1.16.5 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-03-16 Downloads: 14,431
(253 votes)
File Size: 7 MB

SkyBlock Ultimate!


In this Skyblock Map, you spawn on a small island, but there is a blocks that you need to break over and over again so you can progress to different stages and unlock new islands to explore! There are quests, custom items and various custom advancements to complete.

Creator: Zombie1111 MC Version: 1.16.5 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-03-12 Downloads: 106,677
(525 votes)
File Size: 24.6 MB

Floating Planets Survival


Are you bored of normal minecraft? Well, Floating Planets Survival is A Skyblock Themed Survival Map With 70+ Islands To Explore. There is no end to your adventure. Go to the nether, go to the end and even discover the lost island. From plains to deserts, this map is all you'll need to have hours of fun on end!

Creator: GKFlipper MC Version: 1.16.4 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-01-29 Downloads: 24,742
(419 votes)
File Size: 3.94 MB
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