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Don't Take Damage: Remastered

Created by Mine 52 Team

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Welcome to the remastered version of the classic: Don't Take Damage!

Where your goal is to make it through 8 different levels without loosing a half of heart of health!

Can you stand up and comeplete it once again?



Playtime: 10-40 minutes (Depending on skill)


  • Single Player Only
  • Minecraft 1.12.2
  • Gamemode 2

Don't Take Damage! Creators

  • Brenden_MC
  • AdamPlays
  • Ddog3385
  • Shibachu_
  • ShibaJay_
  • ShadedLynx
  • Fire_Glory_PvP
  • icupo3


Map Details

Creator: Mine 52 Team
(129 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 2.4 MB
Added: 2017-11-15
Downloads: 18,364
Category: Puzzle Maps


+8 Zombiemczomface Quoting null:
When I opened the game up, I was in the middle of a superflat world.

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2019-05-18 16:57

+11 AxeGrinder28 i died in, like, every single level

2018-06-15 13:54

+10 HudinioGaming Hey all. This map was awesome! I made a video play through of it. Can you guess how many deaths I had?

2018-02-10 06:31

+9 cold2d You guys are such trolls of map creators!

2017-11-22 05:54

+11 null When I opened the game up, I was in the middle of a superflat world.

2017-11-18 20:45


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