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Infinitum 2: Remastered

Created by HenryCGS

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Map Info:
INFINITUM was good. INFINITUM 2 was better. INFINITUM 2 Remastered is AWESOME.

But, what's the difference between INFINITUM 2 and INFINITUM 2 Remastered (Infinitum 2R)? Infinitum 2R is just like Infinitum 2, but with many enhancements. They include:

  • New Difficulty: Medium!

In Medium mode, you will not lose your points when Restart the game (similar to Easy Mode), but the Shop prices are 6 times expensive (for example, one Swiftness Potion costs 30 Points)!

  • Tutorial and Youtuber Mode!

Right after you chose your difficulty, you will be teleported to another room. There, you will see the three Special blocks (Failing, Winning and Jumping Blocks) in a fancy rotating display, alongside with three buttons. "Tutorial", "Play Game" and "Youtuber Mode".

Tutorial is just like any other level, but with a easy parkour (1-Block jumps), ladders and many signs explaining the basics.

Youtuber Mode will give you a Task Book, with 11 challenges to you to do in your video.

  • Now you can change back your difficulty!

If you selected the wrong difficulty, or just changed your mind, don't worry! At the Spawn, there's two buttons. One will just take you to Infinitum download page and the other will take you to the second starting room (the one with the fancy rotating blocks). That means that you can play the tutorial or pick up a Task Book whenever you want! In this room, there's a button that takes you the Difficulty Selector. Remember: changing your difficulty will reset your points.

  • Famous Youtubers Skins will be displayed at the Spawn!

At the moment, there's only LogDotZip and AntVenom. Let's hope that this list grows up!

  • Special/Challenge rooms are now 55% rarer!

I've seen some Infinitum 2 videos, and Challenge rooms were quite common. That wasn't supposed to happen. I figured out how to make them rarer!

  • A new Secret Room!

Yeah, now there's two! This one is a bit "nostalgic"...

The classic map description:

Welcome to INFINITUM 2!

Instead of only 15 levels and 1 secret, Infinitum 2 has 40 AWESOME LEVELS! They are 36 normal levels, 4 Challenge/Special levels and 1 secret. 1 BETTER secret, I should say.

  • What are Challenge/Special Levels?

Challenge Levels are just like normal levels, but a lot bigger, harder, or just weird special. All of them have trophies (4 in total), and you need to do "puzzles" in order to get them. Average levels have Blue Borders or Orange Borders (Explained in the game tutorial). Challenge Levels have YELLOW BORDERS.

  • How does the Shopping System work?

It is very basic and self-explainatory. You need to get points in the levels by clearing them, and when you fail (by stepping on a Failing Block) or Restart, you go to the Spawn. There's a path to the Shop, and there you can spend them. You can only buy things if you have EXACTLY or MORE points than needed. For example, if I have 6 points, I can buy only things cheaper than 6 points. Remember: In medium mode, everything is 6 times as expensive.

  • I cleared a level and I'm inside a little box for a while. What happened?

That is completely normal, unless you take more than 5 seconds without being teleported to a random level. But don't worry; there's a "Manual Teleport" button inside the box. Press it only after 10 seconds being stuck there, and the game will keep going fine.

ANY QUESTIONS? Ask me and I will answer you!

FOUND A GLITCH? Tell me and I will fix it!

HAVE A SHOP ITEM SUGGESTION? Show me and I will probably add it to the map (credits will be given)

That's all, HAVE FUN!


2015-05-01 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: HenryCGS
(8 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8 (Java)
File Size: 9.6 MB
Date Added: 2015-05-01
Downloads: 24,902
Map Category: Parkour Maps

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