Featured: Escape the House - Now updated to Minecraft 1.17.1!

Minecraft Co-op Maps

Playing minecraft with your friends can be a real blast, it's still probably one of the best co-op games around today, on any platform.

These maps were designed for a custom co-op experience within minecraft.

I got bored. And I lied about the trilogy part. MIBI Special Edition Time!

Co-op with your friend to get through the confusing redstone situation!

This is an advanced two player co-op map packed with extreme action and suspense.

The Third and Final Installment of the "Escape The Levels" Series. A Co-Op Map.

Work together with a friend by completing challenges while resisting the urge to troll the other player.

This is a 2 player co-op map. When a terrorist organization plans to launch all the nuclear missiles in the world, the agents from the Anti-Apocalypse Agency has to stop them.

This is Escape the Levels 2, a 2 player co-op map.

The obvious sequel to my first map, same rules apply, 2 player co-op map.

This is a 2 player co-op parkour map.

Minecarts is a mind-bending chamber based multiplayer 1.8 puzzle map, that will put your Minecraft knowledge and problem solving to the ultimate test.

Decipher your way through more than 10 unique and stimulating chambers in thisĀ 3 player co-op puzzle map.

A challenging 3 Player Puzzle/Adventure Map.

Hours of devious puzzles and challenging combat, for two players only! You and your partner's teamwork will be put to the test!

A two player parkour map.