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Port Vance

Created by Eivisxp

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Map Info


I figured it was time for a new city map as my only "real" city map so far dates back 2-3 years ago.This map is a remastered and improved version of Desert City. All buildings are fully furnitured. FYI: All my maps are located in the fictional country Coastal Dunes, an island country located on the south-east coast of USA. Any resemblance to places, persons or events in real life are highly coincidental. 

The city offers: 

  • Emergency Services
  • Cruise Port, Cargo Port
  • 16 Unique Residential Houses (Suburbs)
  • Restaurants, Coffee Shops
  • Train, Tram & Metro, Including Stations
  • Airport
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Church & Cemeteries
  • City Hall
  • Apartments
  • And so on...

Certain buildings are copied from some of my other maps, but most of them are new. This city will also be the sequel to Survive Brode. The apocalyptic version will be released a while from now. This is why you might find custom notes across the city, warning about the new disease. (Yes, I like to connect my maps together)

The city map itself will also be updated, and version 1.1 (Rich & Poor) will focus on the marina, high-end residential buildings and the lower class areas. However, feel free to comment your suggestion below! I had some of the comments from Desert City in my mind when I created this map!

You are allowed to re-distribute the map in any way you want, as long as the credit goes to me and links back to this page or my own page EXPmaps. These are the only pages I use for publishing. Please report and/or comment here if you find this map somewhere else!

Enjoy the map!

Recommended Settings

  • Smooth Lightning: Maximum
  • Brightness: 100%
  • Graphics: Fancy


Map Details

Creator: Eivisxp
(4445 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 91 MB
Added: 2017-06-14
Downloads: 89,294
Category: City Maps


+3 person Quoting Isabellabee_YT:
Does this have a school? I'm curious because I actually want to use this as a map for roleplay

It does, it's across from the bank

2019-05-29 23:47

+7 Ceyhun we Dont Need 1.11.2 you can use above versions

2018-08-08 11:35

+9 Isabellabee_YT Does this have a school? I'm curious because I actually want to use this as a map for roleplay

2018-08-05 03:34

+3 colin15523 Quoting wink wonk:

Odd might be corrupted

What if they're TV screens, tuned to a live broadcasting(ne ws) station that no longer has any working cameras.

2018-08-02 14:21

+2 Kiki Quoting QECquack:
Is there a texture pack you'd recommend for this map?

I use Rodrigos

2018-06-19 23:21

+4 Piripi06 what are the shaders that you used?

2018-05-20 06:29

+10 just nostalgia Does this have a school? I'm curious, because I actually want to use this as a map for roleplay!

2018-04-28 14:23

+3 Win Quoting legendarykoala:
does this map have to be used in 1.11.2

No. I use 1.12.2

2018-04-25 02:42

-1 Win Quoting anonymous:
why do all maps in items frames say "no input signal?"

They are for another thing on built for the map. If you look around, it also has stuff about the zombie apocolypse

2018-04-25 02:41

-2 Lizzy Quoting BlazinBalake:
Does this map have a police station or jail?

You know you can make one

2018-04-17 23:31

+2 wink wonk Quoting anonymous:
why do all maps in items frames say "no input signal?"

Odd might be corrupted

2018-04-17 18:13

-1 EndWatcherCerius Oh this map looks pretty! It's almost a pity you destroyed it for the Surviving Brode map.... but, I'm gonna destroy it too. Haha.

I am actually working on my own apocalyptic map. Too be honest A. I'm too lazy to build a whole city and then destroy it myself, and B. It will hurt me if I actually build it myself. Haha. and C. The work is almost done for me ;) :P
I will credit you of course for the original map. Can't wait to compare and contrast between Survival Brode and my apocalyptic version of this map!

2018-03-30 19:13

+7 Fushon8799 is ther a stadiam sorry about spelling

2018-03-27 19:28

+6 Eivisxp Quoting NONE:
GREAT MAPPP!! 20 thousand Million stars!!!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Quoting Question:
Why Only Buildings??

It's a city map, I guess.

2018-02-28 22:51

+2 NONE GREAT MAPPP!! 20 thousand Million stars!!!

2018-02-26 01:43

+3 Yoooooooo What’s the coordinate of a hotel?

2018-01-26 04:31

+5 anonymous why do all maps in items frames say "no input signal?"

2017-11-07 09:15

0 Shiro Its there any gym place????

2017-11-05 07:02

-8 Question Why Only Buildings??

2017-10-22 01:10

-3 more than Quoting Laurenkoalalover:
No I think there is way more you just need to find it

this is more than just an air port

2017-08-14 05:23

-6 Misty All i entered was an Airport with nothing else! i looked everywhere and theres Absolutely NOTHING except concrete!!! Is there anything in this world except an AIRPORT?!

2017-08-07 18:31

+14 question does the map have a school

2017-08-05 14:09

-2 ideeeeek Quoting Storkbrain100:
was this made on superflat?

was this map made on superflat??

2017-08-04 20:02

-5 SapphireEclipse Will there be any problems with the map if I use it in 1.10.2?

2017-08-03 19:23

-13 Scamper10 Great Map i destroy maps i love can i destroy this one?

2017-08-02 10:22

+6 QECquack Is there a texture pack you'd recommend for this map?

2017-07-24 15:31

+6 Lee I downloaded the map once, and there was normal landscape breaking into the land, there wasn't even a airport. I re-downloaded it, and its working and looks great!

2017-07-23 07:59

-3 YXxxXcreeper Is it okay I HECK... the citizens of Port Vance with a wave of zambies strraaaiiigghhh ttt awaaayyy? ;)

2017-07-23 04:43

-1 BlazinBalake Does this map have a police station or jail?

2017-07-20 00:36

0 Jacinta Ok, so I really like ur map. I can't find houses only hotels. Haha it's funny I searched for small town XD

2017-07-18 07:56


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