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Minecraft Adventure Maps

Adventure maps are mainly story-based and can contain a variety of different mechanics.

Minecraft Version: 1.18 | 1.17 | 1.16



Rediscover this masterpiece on the newer versions of Minecraft. An exciting story in Paris where everyone has disappeared.

Creator: Stratocrafteur, KazerLight MC Version: 1.18.1
Date Added: 2021-12-17 Downloads: 6,679
(93 votes)
File Size: 117 MB

Winter Puzzleland


Winter Puzzleland is a holiday themed single/multiplayer adventure map with 24 different holiday themed puzzles! 1-6 players! Collect all 24 hidden presents and solve all the puzzles!

Creator: DoctorChosen MC Version: 1.18.1
Date Added: 2021-12-17 Downloads: 6,114
(188 votes)
File Size: 17.2 MB

The Long Haul


With a journey time of at least 37 minutes, take a ride on The Long Haul!

Creator: The Cubic Team MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2021-12-06 Downloads: 1,976
(43 votes)
File Size: 268.7 MB

The Darkskulls: Episode 1 - Dark Side of the Theme Park

You found out that new Theme Park is opening in the woods near you town. And you promised your son that you will take him there. But an article on the Internet says that park is owned by criminals. That's why you decided to go there and check it's all about. But will you ever return home?

Creator: GamePlayer MC Version: 1.16.5
Date Added: 2021-12-03 Downloads: 2,556
(71 votes)
File Size: 4 MB



A remarkable phenomenon is taking place and nature is reclaiming more and more of its true possessions. No one can stop this catastrophe, the only thing left is to flee from the ever-growing green.

Creator: R0nim3 MC Version: 1.16.5
Date Added: 2021-11-26 Downloads: 1,796
(42 votes)
File Size: 6.7 MB

Sapphire Caves


One God remains. One dungeon remains. Nine heroes descend, once more, to best the worst of challenges. You are ready - is he?

Creator: Dieuwt MC Version: 1.18.1
Date Added: 2021-11-22 Downloads: 2,956
(53 votes)
File Size: 170.4 MB



Experience the next adventure in the OUTBREAK series in this one to eight players map! OUTBREAK 2 takes place in the first-ever city to be affected by the Outbreak; discover long-lost secrets as you dive deeper into the story of how the world fell apart and how the infected took over.

Creator: Alex MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2021-10-20 Downloads: 12,345
(304 votes)
File Size: 109 MB

Temple of Terrors


Use each ability you gain to collect the offerings, give them to the shrine and escape the temple of terrors!

Creator: FingerMaps MC Version: 1.19.2
Date Added: 2021-10-20 Downloads: 4,818
(97 votes)
File Size: 39 MB

Adventures in Fahrlend

Adventures in Fahrlend Logo and Cover Art

Embark on a heroic journey to save the world of Fahrlend from the eternal night! Explore dungeons, solve puzzles, and fight against bosses to collect the six souls of the Eternal Legends and restore light to the land!

Creator: TSApproved MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2021-10-13 Downloads: 3,968
(55 votes)
File Size: 7.3 MB

The Saga of Donna and Elle


Tune in, one and all, to this telling of a true tale - that of my own experiences with two users, known as "Donna" and "Elle"

Creator: DeuxiemeCarlin MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2021-10-13 Downloads: 1,004
(38 votes)
File Size: 2.2 MB

Minedom Hearts

MH Cover 1

Go on an adventure & get lost in the universe of Minedom Hearts! Travel to unique worlds & work to save each one from the forces of darkness! A Minecraft Adventure Map Inspired By/Based On: Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

Creator: Bloody_Duckers MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2021-10-13 Downloads: 2,233
(41 votes)
File Size: 854 MB

Beyond Below

Beyond Below Thumbnaill

Explore the vast and magical caves of the underground as you search for its end. Find out what awaits you in your adventure, Beyond Below.

Creator: CatCreamYT external MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2021-09-25 Downloads: 4,933
(101 votes)
File Size: 59.5 MB

Under Olympus


Under Olympus is a story-driven puzzle-adventure map that takes place under the surface of the biggest volcano on Mars. The huge underground base of Olympus is home to hundreds of scientists that are conducting research on the planet. Due to the recent seismic activities, some of the systems have started to malfunction. That’s where you come in.

Creator: The Tater Team MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2021-09-25 Downloads: 6,990
(63 votes)
File Size: 47 MB

Machine for Piglins

mc maps MFP IMG 1

Machine for Piglins - is a map, when you run or hide from your enemies, solve simple puzzles and explore things

Creator: SeriousCraft MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2021-09-16 Downloads: 1,656
(52 votes)
File Size: 24.2 MB

Wizard and Ghosts


Fight Ghosts & solve puzzles with magic!

Creator: TheblueMan003 external MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2021-09-11 Downloads: 3,299
(59 votes)
File Size: 15.77 MB
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