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Minecraft Adventure Maps

Adventure maps are mainly story-based and can contain a variety of different mechanics.

Minecraft Version: 1.18 | 1.17 | 1.16

Undercover Mania: Sculk Busters

Stop the Sculk in this Action-Adventure Map!

Creator: N Sixties 4 MC Version: 1.20.1
Date Added: 2023-09-20 Downloads: 1,151
(8 votes)
File Size: 389.7 MB

Journey and the Temple

Journey and the Temple is a medium to short adventure map where you play as an explorer trying to find a hidden treasure inside of a temple. Average playtime: 10-25 min

Creator: oza2000 MC Version: 1.20.1
Date Added: 2023-09-20 Downloads: 1,307
(16 votes)
File Size: 24.2 MB


This is a horror themed adventure map where You have to escape a demension called Zenith

Creator: MMGplayz MC Version: 1.20.1
Date Added: 2023-09-19 Downloads: 1,900
(22 votes)
File Size: 1.9 MB


"This map consists of many liminal rooms that you can explore. There are no monsters or screamers. Just relax and enjoy the walk"

Creator: Yarney MC Version: 1.19.1
Date Added: 2023-09-19 Downloads: 2,078
(16 votes)
File Size: 5.6 MB


Max is busy at work when he receives a message from Anna, his daughter! The text of the message puts Max under a lot of stress, and he tells Anna that he will be back home very soon. When Max returns home, he notices a strange smell! Max realizes that his daughter has been kidnapped, the only clue is the text on the TV: If you want to find Anna, sleep!

Creator: Yassin.R MC Version: 1.20.1
Date Added: 2023-09-16 Downloads: 3,018
(19 votes)
File Size: 253.5 MB

Elden Lands: Conquest Edition

An ancient evil has begun to awaken, And only you can stop it... Choose who you will be and embark on a long journey into the open world of Elden Lands. Dozens of hours of quests, dialogues, puzzles, parkour, bosses, learning magic, exploring the world and other activities are waiting for you... Are you ready to fight back against evil god?

Creator: LGSC team MC Version: 1.19.2
Date Added: 2023-09-13 Downloads: 10,864
(134 votes)
File Size: 863 MB

Avacata Adventure

This is a fun adventure map where you have to get to the holy giant avocado statue. There are many puzzles such as parkour or breaking into a skyscraper.

Creator: Drumming2008 & PusheeeeenTheCat MC Version: 1.20.1
Date Added: 2023-08-30 Downloads: 2,370
(36 votes)
File Size: 107.1 MB

Nasi Goreng Simulator

Nasi Goreng Simulator Nasi Goreng is Fried Rice Create your own fried rice shop Put tables and chairs. Stock of ingredients to cook fried rice and then sell it.

Creator: ItsZacky MC Version: 1.19.4
Date Added: 2023-08-30 Downloads: 2,249
(21 votes)
File Size: 9.8 MB

Backrooms Scheme

Have the experience of exploring the Backrooms and unraveling their mysteries.

Creator: WigonLuiz MC Version: 1.20.1
Date Added: 2023-08-23 Downloads: 3,583
(69 votes)
File Size: 58.3 MB

Jester's Dimensions

Are you ready to travel to every Minecraft Dimension? Jester will force you to do so anyway! No one knows if you are going to handle Jester's absurdity. Good luck, you will need it!

Creator: jimkont & Klapinoss MC Version: 1.19.4
Date Added: 2023-08-11 Downloads: 2,854
(50 votes)
File Size: 6.3 MB

The Legend of Ziff

The DEMO of the upcoming ZITH Productions map, The Legend of Ziff.

Creator: ZITH productions MC Version: 1.20.1
Date Added: 2023-08-11 Downloads: 1,327
(11 votes)
File Size: 260.2 MB

Colours: Mafia Raid

The war between the rainbow colours and rejected colours is over, but there is still a lot left to do. No-one knows if Blue is alive or not, and there are many Mafia members who are angry for what happened to Blue.

Creator: ebonykoot MC Version: 1.19.4
Date Added: 2023-08-09 Downloads: 605
(10 votes)
File Size: 1 MB

Minecraft Delver

A Minecraft port of the game Delver by Priority Interrupt, made to be compatible with multiplayer for up to 4 players. Delve into the shifting dungeons on your hunt for the Yithidian orb, but getting it might just be the easy part.

Creator: GroovyDominoes52 MC Version: 1.12.2
Date Added: 2023-08-03 Downloads: 837
(6 votes)
File Size: 119.52 MB

Dirge of The Sky

After 3 years of hard work, its finally here! Dirge of the Sky is a Cooperative 3-6 player raid map, inspired by Destiny 2's raid designs and implemented in a Minecraft environment.

Creator: Ash_47, ChaoticImme MC Version: 1.20.1
Date Added: 2023-08-02 Downloads: 10,244
(72 votes)
File Size: 179 MB

Servants of Darkness

Team up with a friend and adventure through distant lands to defeat the Darkness and its Servants!

Creator: TheWorfer27 & Twelfth MC Version: 1.20.1
Date Added: 2023-08-02 Downloads: 10,029
(129 votes)
File Size:
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