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Temple of Nox 2: Nox's Descent

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This map is the sequel to the Temple of Nox adventure map and it is recommended that you play it first.

Map Info:
A harrowing adventure lies behind you and at last Nox has been slain. But as clouded images plague your sleep and a familiar voice taunts you from the darkness, you know Nox has not died. You have accidentally freed the demon from its prison and now Nox threatens to destroy everything. You must embark on a treacherous journey into the depths of the earth and face your greatest challenges. Can you conquer the Hero's Trials and defeat Nox once and for all? Download and play Temple of Nox 2 to find out.

Temple of Nox is a series of adventure maps created by myself and a very small team of people. It takes inspiration from great games such as the Legend of Zelda and Skyrim. While focusing mainly on a single player experience, Temple of Nox 2 can accommodate up to 4 players (maybe more). With that said, we hope you all enjoy the adventure, we spent a lot of time on it and went to great lengths to make it an enjoyable experience.

5 all new levels:
- Explore 5 labyrinthine levels, filled with puzzles to solve and monsters to battle. Find custom items and treasure, and fight challenging bosses in each level on your journey to defeat Nox. These new levels improve greatly on the levels in Temple of Nox with more detailed and open architecture while still retaining that classic feel.

Unique Bosses and Items:
- Hidden in each level are unique items with special abilities that will help you progress forward. Use these items to solve puzzles and defeat the bosses whom you must face at the end of each level and can only be defeated by using the items you find.

Tools and Weapons with Custom Names and Lore:
- Collect weapons, armor, and tools to help you on your quest, each with their own story and attributes. Some items even have unique abilities that are invaluable when used correctly.

Immersive Storyline:
- Delve into the lore of the Temple of Nox world with an immersive storyline presented to you by the characters and their lost books and diaries, along with the lore of the tools and weapons you collect.

Challenging Puzzles:
- Solve puzzles that change from simple to complex as you progress through the levels. Experience new puzzles that rely on custom game mechanics made possible through thousands of command blocks.

Custom Monsters:
- Fight various monsters in the different levels and watch as their strength grows with yours. But be careful, these monsters possess weapons, armor, and abilities that make them dangerous.

3 to 5 Hours of Gameplay:
- This map features hours of entertainment and challenge. If you are looking for a real adventure, this is the map for you. However because of its length, I do advise that you take breaks.

Limited Parkour:
- No parkour skills are needed because there is no necessary parkour in this map. After the backlash over parkour in the "Temple of Nox" I have removed it almost entirely so many more people can enjoy Temple of Nox 2.

Over 4000 Command Blocks:
- No mods are needed because everything in the map is made possible through command blocks and the amazing features of 1.8. These command blocks are responsible for everything from the different items and lore, the custom boss AI, and the unique gameplay mechanics in Temple of Nox 2.

Amazing Music by Kevin MacLeod:
- Enjoy the amazing soundtracks of the talented Kevin MacLeod, who kindly makes his music royalty free. Several of his soundtracks are used throughout Temple of Nox 2, creating an immersive and mysterious atmosphere. The music by Kevin MacLeod is used under a Creative Commons License.

Epic Final Boss Fight with a Dark Twist:
- Confront Nox in an epic finale that requires you to use the items and experience you have gained to defeat the demon. But a seemingly straightforward ending takes an unexpected turn in a dark twist you won't see coming.


Explore sprawling catacombs deep within the earth.

Enter the Demon Realm where you must defeat Nox!

Because of the magnitude of this project and its ambitious nature, there will undoubtedly be several bugs. I personally have spent the past few weeks alpha testing the map to make sure that it is fully functional but there are probably still more bugs that I have not discovered.

  • If you find a bug, please let me know immediately; I will fix it as soon as it comes to my attention.
  • If you make a youtube video, that helps me greatly because then I can visually see the bugs and it makes it much easier for me to fix them.
  • Keep in mind that most rooms reset when you reenter the level. If you get stuck or something isn't working properly, try reentering the level.
  • Within the readme document included with the map is a list of known bugs and how to solve them. If something goes awry, please check the readme document first, thank you.

* Under no circumstances should a direct link be posted or this map be posted anywhere else without the author's express written consent. *

If you enjoyed the map, tell your friends! If you make a video, leave a link to this page and leave a link to the video in the comments!



2016-01-09 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Lord_Bighead
(86 votes)
Map Version: v2.1
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
File Size: 87 MB
Date Added: 2016-01-09
Downloads: 9,277
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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