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Small Worlds

Created by Tyson Schnasse

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A space adventure where a stranded astronaut must piece together what happened before being left alone on a planet scarcely larger than a house.

Using somewhat improvised science and explosives, the astronaut must gather materials needed to rebuild a ship and return to his home planet.

Also, I spent an unbelievable amount of time making realistic gravity, every side of these planets is reachable, the minecraft world has been proven to be round.



Map Details

Creator: Tyson Schnasse
(115 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 4.7 MB
Added: 2020-06-16
Downloads: 3,136
Category: Adventure Maps


+6 mikogulu Wow, that was a very good map, I like its concept but there are EXTREME bugs with it and it seems like the map likes to take your time, i played for 2 hours, and that was wiiith cheats to shorten the time. easily this map could take you 2.5 hours to complete even maybe 3 hours! again, good map but very buggy and takes way more time than it should. I would like to see an update very soon with new features and less bugs.

2020-06-21 21:07

+5 minecraftman super good map!

2020-06-21 19:42

+9 no the map glitched and i didnt get the snowball

2020-06-21 08:54

+2 Nayzal This is awesome, just wondering how to get more laterite? Because I haven't seen it regenerate and I've looked around and couldn't find any command blocks for that. Thanks for help!

2020-06-21 02:10

+6 ImDerpyMelon uuuuuuuuuuuuuh. I somehow broke the map. Like i don't get tped when I cross a planets face and I lost the fabricator...

2020-06-20 22:27

+4 I Hey dude, I really enjoyed the map, but, at the second planet when I returned from the fabricator i didn't get the snowball to re-access the fabricator. Also, there is an area in the second planet that you cannot access. I was really enjoying the map but I can't continue with these issues fabricator glitch

2020-06-20 04:38

+3 enverst I had a fun time playing for 10 minutes. Then, I lost my fabricator.

2020-06-19 21:53

0 AndresitosPriv Hello!
I've started to play the map and it looks great! But I've been having a problem, the oxygen bugged and I cannot collect anymore. Is that my problem? Or the map is not working like it should?
I hope this could be fixed as soon as possible :(

2020-06-19 21:31

+6 8bit are you aware that using the blasts of oxygen you can throw yourself out of the planet

2020-06-19 18:10

0 SlavAssasin :O cooll

2020-06-19 03:09

+6 JesusCena Is this multiplayer compatible?

2020-06-19 00:45

+2 fowl one hi i was on the planed with wolframite, barafu i think, and i went in the fabricator, to get bombs, and a came back and i spawned somewhere new. then i went to the edge, and it took me back to the planet, and i got the wolframite only to realize that i didnt have a fabricator anymore! So i had to quit the world. I restarted in a different save, and the same thing happened! Please figure out what this is, it is really annoying.

2020-06-18 22:57

+3 One_blue_glove I exited the fabricator after unlocking the mineral smelter, but I just teleported to a red planet. When jumped to the sides, I didn't teleport; I just fell to the bottom of the map (the fabricator also wasn't in my inventory anymore.)

2020-06-18 19:59

0 The_Spidineer There are some bugs. please fix otherwise an awesome map

2020-06-18 15:10

0 Beginner Its kinda fun but its not covered in the sideways of the planet. And better if there is instructions or hint for the game

2020-06-18 08:21

0 legit_crafter great map, very well polished

2020-06-18 04:32

0 Preston S I was playing the map and enjoying it well. Until I got to another planet and I stated grabbing resources and my snowball to teleport disappeared, I am now stranded and can't get anymore bombs or materials. Let me know thanks.

2020-06-18 00:57

+9 Kaleni If the goal of this map was to envoke the feeling of other-worldly exploration that Astroneer gives, this map definitely succeeds at that. The gravity shifting works great, and worked perfectly so long as I didn't intentionally try to break it.

Unfortunately, this map does have some significant issues that kept me from finishing it. Much of this is subjective opinion, but there were some bugs that were either annoying or game-breaking:

- Resource gathering is not fun. The idea is interesting, but the implementation fails to deliver. The primary issue is that when I throw a bomb at a cluster of resources, it gives me only one of that resource. For example, if I throw a bomb and it destroys 3 malachite, it only puts one malachite in my inventory. This means that I am encouraged to strategically throw my bombs to chip away at a resource to maximize my resources-per-r espawn. This flies antithetical to the concept of bombs, I should want to blow up a big vein of ore and receive a bunch of it, but this map provides the exact opposite. If there was any non-bug/subject ive issue that I would demand fixed before trying this map again it's this one. At the very least, make it easier to get bombs without needing to go back into the fabricator every 30 seconds.

- The map is grind-y. To give one example, on the first planet there is only one Resin block that respawns every 10-20 seconds or so, and you need 15+ Resin to complete the rocket. Resin was the biggest culprit, but other resources were similarly grind-y. This would be forgivable if resource gathering was fun, but I already pointed out that it's not. My first point does exacerbate the grindiness of the map, fix the one-resource-pe r-bomb issue, and this mostly goes away. Except for Resin, that was not acceptable.

- I might be particularly salty about the resin because I crafted the three Helium needed to get the rocket, and it had somehow gone missing between then and when I made the nitrogen. Which meant that I needed to get 15 resin *again*. I don't know when it disappeared, so I'm not 100% sure if this was a bug or if I made a mistake but I'm leaning towards bug.

- The biggest issue, and the reason why I didn't complete the map: After I got to the second planet, when I exited the fabricator at some point, I did not receive the item to go back into the fabricator, which effectively ended my game. There needs to be a legitimate way to get the fabricator item without needing to use cheats.

2020-06-18 00:22

0 Xenocorpse Pretty cool concept, but ultimately very grindy and not fun to play for a long period of time. Try revamping the map with less grind and more adventure!

2020-06-17 21:11

0 Anonymoose Human The map has a few bugs that make it unplayable.

2020-06-17 18:42

+2 pene1ope this map is incredible! it started me in creative mode but I wasn't sure that was on purpose so I quietly changed it to adventure mode. walking on all sides of the planet glitched a couple of times but once I figured out how to switch properly it worked just fine. really dope, highly recommend

2020-06-17 01:20

+1 Sam Hi, I accidentally overfilled on potions and dropped the snowball. When I realized, I tried to go back for it but I couldn't find the part of the planet that had it. I'm on the second planet, and when I left the control center I was put in a place I didn't recognize that gave me martian soil on top of some glass, and I can't find that spot again. Can you tell me the command to get the snowball back?

2020-06-16 20:47


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