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Satoshi's Treasure - Episode 4

Created by Bauwks

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Clutching the precious Code Fragments, you climb out of the cursed desert temple and head to Quarryvale for the next clue and some rest. It seems Satoshi has hidden his next set of puzzles in the mountains. It looks like you are not alone though, and bad news strikes.

This is the fourth episode of Satoshi's Treasure. Playing the previous three episodes first is highly recommended.

Satoshi's Treasure is a multi-episode adventure map focusing on story, puzzles, and large-ish builds. Like typical adventure maps, you go around exploring places, killing monsters, collecting items, talking to NPCs, and unlocking the next part of the story. In addition there is a CTMish aspect where solving puzzles  gives you Code Fragments. If you have all of the correct Code Fragments in the last episode then you can try to claim Satoshi's Treasure.

Episode 4 is moderately difficult and can be completed in approximately 1.5 - 2.5 hours. Potentially longer if you get stumped by a puzzle.

There are five episodes in total.


  • Explore huge ancient ruins
  • Challenging puzzles that require logic (NO parkour)
  • Awesome cutscenes and special effects
  • Custom resource pack with textures and sounds
  • Real treasure. (The hunt for the real Bitcoin treasure ended on 11/7/2015)

Satoshi's Treasure Episodes

Map Details

Creator: Bauwks
(25 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 12.91 MB
Added: 2015-10-06
Downloads: 22,917
Category: Adventure Maps


Tasos He made and the crack in the world

2016-07-19 11:00

Bauwks Quoting Help:
Are all the resourse packs the same?

Not exactly. You should use the resource pack that comes with the episode.

2015-11-07 15:03

Tom2760 Quoting Strunz:
Very cool series. I wonder what the treasure is?

he said in the first episode. its bitcoins

2015-11-07 04:10

Help Are all the resourse packs the same?

2015-11-06 01:56

ThisMapSucks Its a puzzle map not an adventure map! srsly

2015-10-28 11:33

zZzZOBRA I just checked the redstone to see whats up with that. And you, my man, are amazing! This is an awesome map! :D

2015-10-21 20:59

froggydojo Quoting MrMcCreeper:
These maps are pretty awesome! But it would be nice if you had some hints or walkthrough books to help people like me, who tend to get stuck a lot

I usually let the puzzle sit for a day. After looking at it with a fresh mind it comes to me.

2015-10-20 03:49

Penelope Huggins this is a really fun map!you should definatley try this!

2015-10-14 22:38

MrMcCreeper These maps are pretty awesome! But it would be nice if you had some hints or walkthrough books to help people like me, who tend to get stuck a lot

2015-10-14 18:12

Strunz Very cool series. I wonder what the treasure is?

2015-10-10 17:56

bikerchic44 your maps are awesome.
I enjoyed the puzzles.
Looking forward to the next one.

2015-10-08 17:53

ProGamer Well nice map, like it so much

2015-10-07 10:51

Proboss Pretty good I like it

2015-10-06 13:53

That Guy I'm stuck on the first puzzle. Some hints and tips would be very appreciated.

2015-10-06 11:38

Gems Very good map :) . I am very excited what is waiting for us in SATOSHI'S TREASURE - EPISODE 5. I hope Sara's dad will be alright.

2015-10-06 04:48

pinktigerlilly My friend and I love these maps! Can't wait till episode 5!

2015-10-06 00:03


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