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Forbidden Warrior: Crimson Lariat I

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Forbidden Warrior: Crimson Lariat I is the first map of the Forbidden Warrior series, a new series of adventure style maps, filled with challenge, great environments, and a deep and interesting story for you to discover. The map comes with a resource pack that replaces the normal music with some better suited for your adventure! The resource pack installs automatically with the map, so you don't have to do anything else! Just launch the map and enjoy.


Almost 3,000 years ago, under the prophecy's command, an individual who became known as "The Keeper" has been chosen, to guard the treasure known as the Artifact, a powerful tool crafted thousands of years ago. He is to destroy all that is wrong in the world. However, this power soon led way to evil. When the first Keeper was chosen 1973 years ago, he became a powerful force raising an undead army with the power of the artifact, sending the world into anarchy. He killed anyone who challenged him, except for one man, who became known as the Forbidden Warrior. In their final battle, the Forbidden Warrior killed the Keeper and changed to prophecy, to ensure that when the evil in the form of a new Keeper returns, a new Forbidden Warrior will also rise. The two will rise and fall in a never-ending cycle over the years.

Now, the monsters of the Keeper have returned, meaning a new Keeper will soon rise. Find the Crimson Lariat, an ancient book that will guide you to the new Forbidden Warrior. It has been left in a mysterious building, known as a stronghold, deep within the Perdita Jungle.

Forbidden Warrior Maps

Forbidden Warrior: Crimson Lariat II
Forbidden Warrior: Powers From Beyond
Forbidden Warrior: Crimson Lariat I


- Fixed a bug with the well room door.

- Changed one of the final puzzles to be a lot easier.
- Changed some of the parkour segments.

- Fixed a bug in version 1.9 that prevented the player from investigating more than one spot.
- Added more investigation spots.
- Improved the environments.

- Added new "Investigate" game mechanic to tell you more about the stronghold.
- Added the option to choose between having regeneration and not having regeneration.
- Fixed many small issues and bugs
- Made it harder to cheat.



2018-04-12 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: avrona
(208 votes)
Map Version: v12
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
File Size: 29.7 MB
Date Added: 2018-04-12
Downloads: 7,453
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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