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Minecraft Maps for 1.10

These maps were made for all versions of Minecraft 1.10 (Java Edition). This includes 1.10.2 etc.

WE NEED TO BUILD A WALL. AND WE NEED TO BUILD IT QUICKLY! Build a Wall to keep player's from getting Donald Trump!

You are now stuck in Minecity with nowhere to turn. Everyone seems to know what is going on but you. You press on and work on the case assigned to you, while keeping a look out for your captured friend.. Will you find him?

Welcome to Teremdor... The first kingdom. You have to complete the monument. The map is short, but hard.

The map includes 12 droppers with amazing effects and structures.

In this map you will have to DROP through 10 different and increasingly difficult levels.

Conquer the eight floating islands, fight against custom bosses and return the blocks to the monument! Don't waste your oxygen, you'll need all of it!

This is a map inspired by the game Monument Valley.

Your plane, under unknown circumstances, has crashed in the middle of a barren desert and everyone on board has perished. Everyone except for you.

It is 2 September 1666 in London, a spark falls from a bakers oven in Pudding Lane starting a fire that tears through the City. Experience the story like never before as you help put out the fire, rescue Londoner's possessions and blow up houses to try and save the City from the Great Fire of London!

Hack, slash, shoot and dive your way to victory in an epic adventure! Loot, brew, craft, and enchant anything and everything you can to help you along the way. Die, eat a pork chop, die some more! Do you have what it takes to fix the Bustbeam?

A Fantasy Castle in the middle of a valley surrounded by beautiful nature...

A solo-built modern urban city with several satellite towns and settlements. 

Control a polar bear through some snowy mountains while doing combat, parkour, and puzzles.

Remember the old survival beta Minecraft 404 challenge? It has returned once more in this map with some new features, while also keeping a lot of the old beta mechanics!

The map includes 15 droppers with amazing effects and structures.

AnyPercent is a epilogue to the series The Glitcher, see how to do the glitches!

After a kid falls into a pit with a gorilla, named Harambe, you save the child from the dangerous gorilla. You can run...You can hide... But can you kill... Harambe!

Don't Trust The Floor 3 is a map where your goal is to avoid the floor by any means possible.

Five mysteries done. Now you finally receive an invitation to meet the CEO Ivan Lian in regards to a promotion!

You're trapped in an End prison and the decay that once consumed the Nether has devoured its way into the End. Can you parkour to freedom and return to your peaceful home in the over world?

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