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YouTuber Trivia

Created by Hyugyio

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Map Info

YouTuber Trivia is a trivia map that includes all your favorite minecraft youtubers! In this map, there are 20 questions/rooms that you will find yourself going through.

In each room, there’s a head of a youtuber. You’ll need to chose the name of who you think the head is. If you get it correct, you advance to the next room. If you get it incorrect, you’ll be sent to a room where you will receive a sword.

You can escape the room by pressing the start button and fighting the randomly chosen mobs. Surviving long enough will send you back to question one of the quiz. Other than that, have fun!

This map may be played in multiplayer. If a player gets the question wrong, only that player will be sent to the ‘wrong answer room’. So go ahead and open this baby up to LAN and get your friends a-joinin’

‘Wrong Answer Room’
Upon answering a question wrong, you will be sent to the ‘wrong question room’. In this room, there is a chest with a sharpness I stone sword. You must keep that sword in your inventory. Once you have that, you can press the begin button that is on the wall. Once you do that, some text will appear to show that the mob randomizer is working.

There is a 100% of a zombie spawning, a 50% chance of a skeleton spawning, and around a 35% of a blaze spawning. (The blaze spawns in the lower area of the room) If you die, you will spawn in the room again and you must fight the mobs until you live long enough. If you do live long enough, you will be teleported back to question one.

Other Info:
Every five rooms there is a “Turn off rain” button on the right wall. If it is raining, press that to stop rain.

At the back of each room, there is an item frame above one of the doorways. That item frame indicates the answer to the previous question, in case you need to go back. At question one, to the left of the head, there is a chest of food.

Keep inventory is on, so feel free to grab all of it. (you’ll need it. You lose hunger on easy)

Slimes are a HUGE problem on easy (which you MUST play on) So, I have setup a slime kill timer. It kills multiple slime every second. It shouldn’t cause lag, but it might. Also, if your screen randomly says “Correct!”, then a slime most likely got onto a pressure plate. It will be dead by the time you get to it though!

Last thing, during beta testing, some people seemed to randomly be teleported the the wrong answer room. It might of been just a glitch or bug, I’m not sure. Either way, I have tried to fix the problem, but just be aware. Thank you!

Map Details

Creator: Hyugyio
(65 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 607 KB
Added: 2016-01-09
Downloads: 17,658
Category: Trivia Maps


EpicMadBadger Hey there! Had a lot of fun playing this map. If you have a YouTube channel yourself, can you let me know so I can put a link in the description of my playthrough?

Here it is:

Hope to see more maps from you soon!

2017-08-16 21:36

Itz_Fox CaptainSparklez did this map

2017-03-26 05:29

Ayeeron maybe a bit late but u can f5 to cheat lol

2016-06-09 08:02

UnlikelyWaffle Hey there, I was hoping you might have a way to get in contact with you! I would like to send you a message.

2016-03-11 16:53

Moltqn Hey, I was just playing around and sometimes I got an answer correct I got teleported to where you go when you get it incorrect. Also, I speedrunned the map and got 36.9 seconds. I will record a vid of me speedrunning the map. (YT name is the name I used to post the comment)

2016-01-24 17:53

Murrayminers I liked the map. I recorded it if you wanna check it out

2016-01-22 20:47

Ventingace Great Map! I enjoyed the layout and the system. If you want to check out my gameplay, feel free:

2016-01-21 17:24

Joemo Gaming Me and my friend did a video on this and this is the link:https://ww atch?v=lNYybSrP vRM&feature=you

2016-01-21 04:44

BarbarianKingLv5 Nice Map!

2016-01-20 02:58

Cynical I did a video on this check it out

2016-01-16 17:18

TheVietnamBomb It took me a bit because I got one wrong, awesome map, it would be cool if you made another one, but update it and add more YouTubers. I did a playthrough of this map, here it is:

2016-01-14 19:42

Codak96 Hey, I'm creating a map similar to this but both head and fact trivia for MC Youtubers. I can give you credit. Thanks

2016-01-14 05:07

NeoMc I am going to start working on a similar concept with a different topic! Thanks for the inspiration!

2016-01-14 02:58

KatBug I did a let's play on this! Great map c:

2016-01-14 00:50

Anonymous Could you please do another map of Youtubers that are less popular? I have friends with YouTube videos and it would be cool to see them too! Thank you!

2016-01-13 22:48

Myst Xtreme Thanks for making this map! I thought the door idea was an interesting step to take.

I did a Let's Play of this map:

2016-01-11 12:01

Core Wonderful map but it does have one flaw/exploit
when you go into 3rd person you can look through the doors and the correct answer is the one with item frame so the map won't be much of a challenge when the player figures that out

2016-01-11 01:21

Someone Too easy and boring please harder map.

2016-01-10 22:32

ZephPlayz Nice map!
Did a playthrough of it :)

2016-01-10 19:11

lilacsilver020 Great map, i managed to finish it pretty quickly, and almost all in one go, but before i even answered the last question, it said i got it wrong.

2016-01-10 18:54

thequizistooeasy it took me like 1 minutes. i know all the youtubers lol

2016-01-10 07:17

Spiderjosh2003 I finished the map in 3 minutes with no mistakes but with other people. I recorded it

2016-01-10 04:47

pdm9phhs Cool map
I did done it in 3 minutes with 1 wrong answer.

2016-01-09 16:20

CaseysBoy cool but short

2016-01-09 15:01

Pokemander Very fun and unique map, however it's very short. It took me like 4 minutes, and I got at least 4 questions wrong.

Kudos for spending the time on it, though!

2016-01-09 04:55


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