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The Odd One Out

Created by Uchuu

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There are three difficulty settings:

  • NORMAL - You have an UNLIMITED number of lives to ensure a short and casual experience.
  • CHALLENGE - You have 25 lives, so you better get your brains in gear! 
  • EXTREME - You have a mere 10 lives... Do you still dare to brave this difficulty's dangers?

On NORMAL difficulty, you will have a FAIL counter instead of lives, just so you know how poorly you did by the end. On CHALLENGE and EXTREME difficulties, you will have a LIVES counter which will reset the game if it hits 0. 

This map is made for singleplayer but does work on multiplayer. However, please bear in mind that if one player picks an incorrect option, everyone in the game will receive the same penalty. 


Map Details

Creator: Uchuu
(213 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 960 KB
Added: 2019-08-15
Downloads: 10,509
Category: Trivia Maps

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