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Odd One Out

Created by CommandMC_

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Map Info

This map is inspired by Trevor's "Which doesn't belong". I made this map for CaptainSparklez in hopes he will decide to play.

This map has different blocks and differences, so if you played "Which doesn't belong" already, it will have entirely new features.

If you haven't played "Which doesn't belong" the rules are you look at a few blocks, and decide which has a unique property from the others.

Then if you get it correct you move on, and if you don't you must try again.

It starts out with four options, moves down to three, and in the end you must determine which build has a different block. Good luck!

Map Info

- I decided to make the second version of the map to fix a mistake I made in making it. The mistake was two blocks misplaced in the final level which shouldn't have been there. I have removed them, and that is this version.


Map Details

Creator: CommandMC_
(61 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 605 KB
Added: 2018-12-27
Downloads: 5,800
Category: Trivia Maps

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+5 Zaroc258 I dont know if this is intended as at the start it was mentioned different criteria but the build one only 1 should be different I would assume, if so the first build from the door you enter at has 2 sandstone blocks out of place directly next to the doorway in the build

2019-01-03 11:38

0 CommandMC_ Quoting It5meSam:
Is there a walkthrough for this map? :)

There isn't, and will not be a walk through for this map, because you always can guess and check. On a map where you have to
locate a button, you could get stuck, I would do a walk through then.

2019-01-02 04:08

+1 Ronyn GREAT MAP! Also a big CpatainSparklez fan. I played this map over on my YouTube channel and had a blast the whole time!

2019-01-01 00:14

0 It5meSam Is there a walkthrough for this map? :)

2018-12-30 00:11


2018-12-29 17:36

+1 Trevor When I was making my map, I wanted to play it and have fun but... I knew all of the answers. But know I can finally play a make similar to mine and have FUN!!!

Good Map.

2018-12-28 21:02


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