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Odd Item Out

Created by snakemasterepic

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Map Info

This map was inspired by Trevor's "Which Doesn't Belong" map. 

While that map focused primarily on blocks, this one focuses primarily on items.

In each room, there will be a set of items, one of which doesn't belong.Your task is to identify which item doesn't belong. 

If you get it right, you advance. If not, you have to try again. 

After each room, there is an explanation as to why the answer is correct.


Map Details

Creator: snakemasterepic
(44 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 638 KB
Added: 2019-01-12
Downloads: 3,042
Category: Trivia Maps


+1 P2 Hoped that this one will be as good as the original map, but it's decent at most. You can literally find 5 different explanations to each puzzle and it mostly goes with the weirdest one. Finding different build is unneccessary, 5 huge rooms are too much just for a fence.

2019-01-17 15:11

+1 Cold2d Just as good as which doesn't belong!!

2019-01-16 01:59

0 snakemasterepic Quoting xXSarah456Xx:
What am I suppose to do when I get to the find the difference part? Do I need to click or break something?

Don't break the armor stands. Remember that the difference moves every time you mess up. The same block is different; it just relocates to a different house. This is meant to prevent players from using process of elimination.

If you can't find it, use the hint book. Once you find it, press the button outside of the room.

2019-01-15 17:16

+1 xXSarah456Xx What am I suppose to do when I get to the find the difference part? Do I need to click or break something?

2019-01-14 04:23

+2 Ronyn Great Map!

Here's my video if you feel like watching:

2019-01-14 02:39

+3 CatCreamYT This map is decently made but the way the map works is really strange. The huge problem is how the "correct" answers are correct.

Example: You must choose the odd one out. A snowball, an egg, or an ender pearl.
The problem is that ALL of the choices have something that is "odd" that takes the characteristic apart from them, yet the map chooses only one of them.
A snowball is the only one that can be crafted into a block
An ender pearl is the only one which can harm the player
An egg is the only one that can be crafted into a food.
All of these can be considered to be the right answer, so in theory, all should be correct. Yet this map only favors one, the snowball, only because the egg and ender pearl can spawn mobs. This is the main reason why it's pointless to try to figure out the answer.

TL;DR Its better to guess than to try to guess what the map maker thinks is the odd one out because all are different in their own way. 2.4/10

2019-01-13 23:39

0 SuperTexas fun!

2019-01-13 11:30

+2 Trevor WOW!!!
I didn't think my map would inspire people to make their own, however, THREE PEOPLE WERE INSPIRED BY MY MAP!!!
P.S. I haven't tried this map yet but it looks cool! :-)

2019-01-12 23:09


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