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In or Out

Created by snakemasterepic

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Welcome to In or Out, a puzzle map by snakemasterepic. 

This map draws inspiration from Trevor's "Which Doesn't Belong" and IGrantastic's "What Belongs?" while expanding the genre with three new types of levels.


  • 5 different sections each with 20 levels totaling 100 levels
  • Ability to do the first four sections in any order (the last section is tough)
  • Failure counter to keep track of incorrect guesses
  • Questions involving blocks, items, mobs, and more
  • The Youtuber's Button


  • Odd One Out: Based on Trevor's "Which Doesn't Belong", you are given a set of four items, one of which doesn't belong.
  • Complete the Set: Based on IGrantastic's "What Belongs?", you are given a set of three items and four options one of which belongs with the rest
  • Complete The Sequence: You are given a sequence of items with something missing.  You have to figure out what it is from four options.  Pay close attention to the position of the missing item within the sequence.
  • Where does it Belong: You are given a sequence of three items and a fourth that belongs in the sequence.  Your task is to figure out where it belongs.
  • Columns: This is the hardest section, and as a result, you must first complete all of the other sections (you can do them in any order).  In this section, you are given a column of four items, and have three options for a "partner" column that will relate each item from the original column with the item in the column's corresponding position.


- An apple magically transformed into a saddle in level 9 of "Where Does It Belong"
- Fixed a spelling error in the guide for "Where Does It Belong?"
- Removed a crafting table from level 19 of "Complete the Sequence"
- Minor change to the prize at the end

- Corrected spelling for the signs explaining the reason for level 19 of "Odd One Out".
- Replaced one of the options of level 13 of "Complete the Sequence" so that there is only one answer that makes sense.


Map Details

Creator: snakemasterepic
(51 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 1.3 MB
Added: 2019-02-05
Downloads: 1,720
Category: Trivia Maps


+2 Noogai87 Since when apple had 6 letters on it Thonk

2019-02-08 23:16

-1 Seed Hi i was wondering why do i spawn in a random location when entering the map?

Thank you in advance!

2019-02-08 21:52


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