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Stoneless World Survival

Created by adam3945

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Map Info

We all know Minecraft is all about mining... but I suggest you try a different kind of world... one without any stone!

In Stoneless World Survival you have to find new ways of surviving and thriving.  The map is about 480x480 in a circular shape, featuring various landmarks that you have to find and explore. Each of these landmarks has various items hidden in chests.

There are some challenges you have to accomplish, and here they are in order of importance:

  • Build a safe shelter;
  • Get geared up for exploration (armors and weapons);
  • Build a cobblestone generator;
  • Own a full diamond armor set and tools;
  • Find and search for valuable items in all the landmarks: The Ulren Asir Village, The Jungle Temple of Cybele; The Desert Temple of Hakizimana; The Treleborg Fortress; The Witch's Hut; The Overgrown Ruins of Kilgore; The Cranmore Mountain Resort; Captain Morgan's Ship; The Maze of the Dark Chamber; The Baraz Stronghold;
  • Make a wheat, melon, pumpkin farm;
  • Make a potato, carrot and sugar cane plantation;
  • Make the two types of Giant Mushrooms (red and brown) and a Nether Wart farm;
  • Create an enchantment table and a brewing stand;
  • Protect the villagers of Ulren Asir Village with Iron Golems.

Important info: 

  • The screenshot of the map does not reveal the locations of the landmarks;
  • Digging underground can be extremely dangerous, take caution and supplies of dirt;
  • The map can be played in multiplayer with however many friends you wish;
  • Cheats are disabled in singleplayer.

Good luck and have fun!


2013-08-28 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: adam3945
(62 votes)
Map Version: v1.01
Minecraft Version: 1.6.4 (Java)
File Size: 5 MB
Date Added: 2013-08-28
Downloads: 101,817
Map Category: Survival Maps

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