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Snowed Under

Created by Reather

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This map requires Minecraft 1.9 - Snapshot 15w47c+ to work.

Map Info:
A strange disruption in the magnetic field up at the north pole has caused a platform of ice and snow to float into the sky... with you still on it! But something feels different about this place, you can sense something magical...

Now you must utilize your incredible looting capabilities, impeccable survival instincts and the help of nearby traders to survive being snowed under.

Collect as much snow as you can from across the world. Step into the glowing flame and you'll be transported to Santa's workshop, where you'll have the chance to trade for new items. Use the treasure you find to build an empire in the ice!


  1. Create a crafting table.
  2. Create an iron pickaxe.
  3. Rename an item in an anvil.
  4. Kill Tubsy.
  5. Craft a diamond block.
  6. Create 15 bookshelves.
  7. Create a cobblestone generator.
  8. Milk a mooshroom.
  9. Create dirt from gravel.
  10. Gather 4096 cacti.

Thank you for persevering through the ad on! $100 of the proceeds from this map and my other maps will be going to Age UK, who are helping make sure that nobody is alone this Christmas.

Map Details

Creator: Reather
(50 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 390 KB
Added: 2015-11-30
Downloads: 4,575
Category: Survival Maps


0 Gizmo102 To get lava you use the Elven key on the chest behind the villagers

2017-02-24 00:53

0 TJLEGOBOY Where do I get stone?

2016-04-26 21:59

0 The Anime adventurer @gabe through trading you can only get 7 of each any (21 coal due to 3 coal per trade)

2016-02-24 15:42

+1 The Anime adventurer This is a very good concept for a map, but it is flawed. there is no way to get half the items for the achievements unless you get lucky with a silk touch and fourtune 3 enchant from a level one table, which is like a 0.0000001% chance. the mobs stopped spawing after about 3 minutes. i even went around in gamemode and looked for lava or more iron none to be found.
Create a crafting table. possible
Create an iron pickaxe. possible
Rename an item in an anvil. not possible unless stuff was missed,
Kill Tubsy. even with redstone doesnt spawn
Craft a diamond block. only able to get 7 diamonds
Create 15 bookshelves. could be possible you get cows and seeds
Create a cobblestone generator. no lava
Milk a mooshroom. possible
Create dirt from gravel. not too sure how this would work?
Gather 4096 cacti. in theory would take hella long time

2016-02-24 15:40

0 Gabe @13: hoe coarse dirt to turn it into regular dirt...
@Lucky_Diamond555: I too am stuck here... no lava in map, no lava in santa's shop... no obsidian for neither portal... I'm stuck here
@bikerchic44: at first I thought this might be by design till I realized there is not way to get more than a dozen or so ice unless your lucky enough to enchant a silk touch. so no way of getting enough iron for an anvil or diamonds for a block... This makes the map bugged to the point you cannot complete it.
@ map creator... great concept... next time test play it please. or prove me an idiot and tell me what I am missing..

2016-01-07 20:28

0 Lucky_Diamond555 Nice map! But I'm stuck... Where do you get the lava from?

2016-01-02 09:30

0 elle the spawn chunk never loaded?

2015-12-21 21:15

+3 :O The spawn chunk never loaded in so I kept falling into the void and was unable to progress.

2015-12-13 23:03

0 Beastboy64champ Are Mobs Suppose to spawn?

2015-12-12 02:55

+1 13 how do you make dirt from gravel? do you mean coarse dirt?

2015-12-10 09:43

0 bikerchic44 map looks good,
but all of the trades are locked after only a few trades!
After a few minutes hostile mobs stopped spawning.

2015-12-02 20:31

0 ItsmePiggy GG Creator Of This Map! Thanks A Lot for creating it! ~GG~

2015-12-02 03:14

0 mapper guy thing WOW THIS MAP WAS AMAZING!

2015-12-01 12:16


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