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SkyLine is a remixed Skyblock created by Jazouki (me). There are two objectives: beat the EnderDragon and the Wither.

One mob spawner and one chest with one diamond ore and other things are hidden in each 11 islands. The Nether and End are not modified.


There are 11 islands in a single line:

  • Plain island (Cow spawner,EAZY)
  • Desert island (Husk spawner,MEDIUM)
  • Rock island (Skeleton spawner,MEDIUM)
  • Snow island (Polar bear spawner,EAZY)
  • Jungle island (Parrot spawner,MEDIUM)
  • Acacia island (Horse spawner,EAZY)
  • Dark oak island (Vindicator spawner,MEDIUM)
  • Water monument island (Gardian spawner,HARD)
  • Nether island (Pigman, Blaze, Wither skeleton and Magma cube spawners,HARD)
  • Ice island (Stray spawner,MEDIUM)
  • End island (Enderman and Endermite spawner,MEDIUM)


  • Play in Normal or Hard for the challenge
  • Don't /give
  • Don't cheat
  • Play in survival
  • Don't use the bedrock bug for kill the wither
  • Don't glitch
  • Don't jump into the void for food (there is a cow spawner in the first island)
  • ENJOY !

Additional Info

  • Gamerule Keep Inventory: true
  • Gamerule Mob Griefing: false
  • There is no mushroom island but you can find it in the nether
  • You can have infiny diamond (there are chests in forteress (in the nether))
  • If you spawn in the void in the start of the map open the map to LAN, active cheat and do this :" /spawnpoint @p 0 101 0 "
  • It's my first map I publish, (I have created 10 other I haven't publish) be indulgent with me !
  • This map lasts 2-5 hours -
  • Report all bugs in the map commentary



2017-12-20 - Map Released.

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Map Details

Map Creator: Jazouki
(331 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.12.1
File Size: 873.54 KB
Date Added: 2017-12-20
Downloads: 9,882
Map Category: Survival Maps

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