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Created by PhiNes

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This map is inspired by Skyblock, but shifts the focus onto adventure, and its many challenges. There is much to be explored in this seemingly empty map. Resources are scarce, and exploration through the foggy empty space, is required if you want to survive. I recommend playing this map with no more than 2 people.

The Rules and Challenges are listed in the description bellow. Feel free to record your gameplay, and send me links, or screenshot to my email. This is the first version of the map, so any feedback would also be great.

Skyfog Rules and Challenges


  1. No mods
  2. Do not destroy Iron doors and Stone Pressure Plates unless created.
  3. Play on hard difficulty
  4. Play with rendering distance at short. Do not change unless instructed.


The house

-Build at least a 9x9 house.

-Build a house without cobblestone or wooden planks for walls.

-Have at least 2 floors

-Have a basement, which must be below the layer of bedrock on the original tree.

-Restore the 3x3x3 cube you began on, in the center of your house, with all the same materials, dimensions, tree, and chest with all its items restored.

-Use the lightest colored wooden planks in the game, for the floor.

-Have 20 pieces of glass in the house.

-Have 20 pieces of wool in the house.  

-Have an automatic cobble generator inside the basement.

-Have a fireplace with everlasting fire.

-Have a house with a jukebox.

-Have 20+ bookshelves.

-Have 10 paintings

-Have an Enchantment Table

Other Buildings

-Create a mob trap

-Create a farm with melon, wheat, pumpkin and Sugar Cane

-Capture a cow, chicken, and sheep.

The character

-Wear a full gold armor set.

-Equip a perfect condition diamond pickaxe


-Every CD

-Create 12 cakes

-Find the hidden treasure

Map Details

Creator: PhiNes
(18 votes)
Version: 1.4
MC Version: 1.2.5
Size: 617.KB
Added: 2012-06-19
Downloads: 35,667
Category: Survival Maps


+1 diamonddigger_mc It's awesome, and I love how you made an island a trap!

But just one thing, when I fell, I spawned in nowhere, and then I died and then spawned on another island far away from the one im supposed to spawn on.

2014-03-13 13:17

+11 _TinyTim22 WOW Epic! great map! 5/5 stars!

2013-02-03 00:54

+19 RenSails Doing a let's Play with a friend on our Youtube channel, mind if I post a link?

2012-12-28 05:06

+18 JKdestruction VERY GOOD MAP!
I don't understand why people liked skyblock so much I like survival maps that have adventure. Thats why I give this map a 5 star! :)

2012-09-22 16:11

+10 ninja_assasin737 Hi guys this is fun!

2012-09-17 09:41

+15 fido798 great map.. like skyblock but more adventerous..
gonna try this one out, don't be suprised if you get 5 stars.. =)

2012-09-17 07:46

+15 zombicreeper cool love the challenge

2012-09-05 20:19


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