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SkyBlock Ultimate!

Created by Zombie1111

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In this Skyblock Map, you spawn on a simple little island like normal, but there are blocks and mobs that you will need to break or kill over and over again so you can progress to different stages! There are quests and various custom advancements to complete.

You also have a limited amount of area you can be in, meaning you can't just build straight to the islands next to you. Completing stages and quests will increase the area you can explore and eventually will have you get to all 20 Islands. On these islands, you can find chests, spawners, generators, and a whole lot of goodies! Are you able to beat this challenge and get to the End, or will you fall to the grind?


  • Generators (generators generate a block that you can break to get example iron_ore)
  • Better mobs (All mobs will get random items and other effects)
  • Custom enchantments (Like thunder, vaccine, x-ray and more)
  • Custom blocks (Example, block breaker, love block and fan block)
  • Normal stages (Break the center block to progress, different stages have different themes like winter, dessert or jungle, mob can also spawn)
  • Boss stages (A mob will spawn in the center with custom attacks that you must kill)
  • Better death (When you die you will spectate and after some time you see a "cut scene" as you respawn)
  • Unlock islands (Complete stages to unlock up to 20 different islands)
  • Custom quests and advancements (Complete to get rewards)
  • Spawners (Break spawners with silk touch and get spawn eggs from bosses)
  • And more (leaves fall from trees, freeze in cold biomes, new ways to get xp, different biomes on different islands, and much, much more)


If its too hard you can type /datapack disable "file/fancy_mobs" to make it much easier.


- Removed the custom death feature. Fixed so mobs no longer randomly explode Added a hint message when you join the world for first time


Map Details

Creator: Zombie1111
(469 votes)
Version: 1.4
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 24.6 MB
Added: 2021-03-12
Downloads: 94,948
Category: Survival Maps


0 you Tons of chest in my inventory as soon as I spawn into the world,the chest has no items inside and random chest wont drop

2021-10-09 09:34

0 Hunter I've never played on, "EASY, NORMAL, HARD, HARDCORE" before. It will be my first time seeing hostile mobs really in survival.

2021-09-18 14:24

+1 Hunter I love this map! It's one of my favorite maps!

2021-09-18 13:55

0 AverageMinecraftUser This Map Is Super Cool I Love The Progression System But I Have A Few Problems
1.Some Of The Mobs Needs A Damage Nerf i.e Bumble Bee Ones Taps BRUH
2. The Creeper Boss Is Op I Lost Everything It Blew Up My Chests That Had All MY Materials It Didnt Even Make The Chests drop the loot from them it just destroyed them so i lost all my progress including all my mob spawners i had gotten and the mob spawn eggs i also lost all the genorators from the islands

2021-08-30 11:48

-1 Sally Really good map! But I have reached a challenge 'Kill The Ender dragon' Only have to do it once but there is no way to go to the end, and even no way to cheat it, as you can't get an ender dragon spawn egg. Someone please help, i'm stuck on this challenge

2021-08-07 02:35

-3 Fatul Loot chests are empty u need help

2021-07-16 13:47

+3 notadoctor Quoting Hunter:
I used 1.17 and I got tons of all chests legendary, super, mystical, rare, uncommon and common. All the chests. And all the xp_bottles.

yes I'm so confused. is it supposed to happen?

2021-07-13 13:11

+1 Boo How do I use the loot boxes, when I place them, its an empty chest

2021-07-08 19:46

0 olo I can't use those enchanted book from the loot chest to enchant my tools and armors. Is that normal?

2021-07-08 11:57

0 Yiaro222 Quoting akirA:
fun map, but how do i get to other islands without going thru the files, can anyone explain how?

Mine the main generator block which should be at the coördinates: 0 100 0

2021-07-03 23:08

0 Yiaro222 Quoting Eddie:
So I'm stuck at the custom advancements in the task
Craft Spruce Doors / Craft Spruce Signs / Craft Spruce Boats

I've done the amount of 30, 33, 12 as the tasks says but it doesn't advance past that, map is still playable, and I've tried (backup offc.) deleting Advancements folder - but did nothing. Any solutions for this one ?

Maybe you didnt see the entire list of requirements? happened to me aswell, making the gui scale option lower helps

2021-07-03 23:07

-1 Yiaro222 Quoting Ken:
Is it possible for to get back the book that you find in the starting island that has the enchantments and whats not. I kinda died with it on me.

This should do it:

Go to ~\.minecraft\sa ves\skyblock ultimate v1.4\datapacks\ fancy_items_v1. 0\data\fancy_it ems\functions\i tem list.txt
the command for the book is in there

2021-07-03 23:05

0 Yiaro222 Really cool map, looking trough the files amazes me!
- The ''fancy'' stuff like drop, sound effects, speed, xp and more.
- The island unlocks through mining!
- Don't even get me started on the custom items! Sethome, Block breaker, Love block!

Things I would like to see: more customization being able to turn more things on and off, and maybe nerf the redstone villager trade a bit? 30 is a lot when cooked food, mobdrops is 24 - 20, and you get multiple per block mined at generator let alone the fortune enchantment.

2021-07-03 22:51

0 Zano888 Fun map... but im stuck into that "The creeper must be killed!" Even cheating. It wont stop respawning. I also used with cheats. Nothing.
Can someone explains how to fix

2021-07-03 15:39

0 Armorpriest yeah no offence bro your map broken i even tried revoking advancements on myself n after i punched one carrot it gave me them all again so yeah

2021-06-25 02:19

+1 Armorpriest Hey bro this map looks sick and want to play it however everytime i download the world and load in all my achievements are already completed and i get all these rewards which just ruin the grind

2021-06-25 02:07

0 Hunter I used 1.17 and I got tons of all chests legendary, super, mystical, rare, uncommon and common. All the chests. And all the xp_bottles.

2021-06-09 22:03

0 Hunter 1.17 has finally come out! I liked your map! Do you want to use 1.17 features and things for a new map?

2021-06-08 15:35

0 dave loot chest are not working but really great map

2021-06-06 13:06

-2 Silverfish003 Quoting LukGre:

Don't listen to this guy. He's just angry because he is bad at losing and is blaming the creator.

THIS is a CHALLENGE map? This is a stupid troll map. How will you explain fact that the developer spawns a fully armored zombie with protection, plus knockback 10+?! Me with stone items chilling and mining, and suddenly I´m thrown like 35 blocks away! So this map is NOT about challenge, but about it made to make players ragequit, cause of how impossible it is to predict what will happen. And the knockback is evil as hell. He has the rights to blame the creator, and is true as well -_-

2021-06-04 12:52

-2 Silverfish003 The speed while holding shift is a horrible feature. Also, when I reached hills section, a zombie wearing pretty good armor with knockback sword spawned out of nothing, he punched me and I have flown like 30 blocks, almost landing on another island, like what the heck!

2021-06-04 12:44

0 RobiBobi008 Quoting DragonBeast13:
I had a bunch of glitches, but when I downloaded the map from other site it said version 1.4 instead of 1.3 and it was all good, so if you guys have any problems I suggest going to planetminecraft


2021-05-19 14:45

0 naman dhiman i like this map very much and i have progresssed in it very much but one day a creeper boss came and derstroyed all my chests int that chests my all items fell of the world and i deleted it btw the map is super amazing very interesting to play but plz can u plz remove the creeper boss

2021-05-14 04:52

0 Jack Hello!
First of all - this map is absolutely amazing! I love your work and really enjoy every minute playing this map.
But I have a problem - I was digging on a mushroom island and I wanted to take an iron generator, but it didn't give me anything. Can you please write me a command so that I can give myself a iron generator?? Thank you!

2021-05-13 14:52

0 WorldTerminator6 I would love it if the creeper boss didn't shoot tnt everywhere. It literally destroyed my entire base.

2021-05-09 05:08

0 Zbear404 Um i cant access new areas

2021-05-04 08:58

0 BackwoodsVerified Yoo Ive downloaded this map three times and everytime it says I unlock Plains but cant progress, BackwoodsVerifi ed is my insta if you can help or ill keep checking back here, awesome map g!

2021-04-30 15:25

0 xadlis Hey this is a really great map, I have a lot of fun playing it so nice job dude ^^

I just have a little problem... I kind of have lost the guide book at the beginning of my adventure and I don't know how to get it back :/
Is there any command or file that I can use to find this book?

Thanks a lot and again nice job doing this map ^^
Have a nice day (:

2021-04-19 12:58

0 kait sorry. it took me a while to actually like the game and accept defeat when needed. however, is there any way we can access what island unlocks and when? (in a permeant sense not just in the chat that deletes after you leave)

2021-04-19 00:27

0 Zombie1111 Quoting Ken:
Is it possible for to get back the book that you find in the starting island that has the enchantments and whats not. I kinda died with it on me.

Yes it is! Type /trigger fancy_it_help to get a new book!

2021-04-18 19:15


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