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Skyblock Infinite

Created by CraftersForge

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This is a skyblock that I have been working on for a long time.

This map has 27 islands in total, 20 in the overworld and 7 in the nether. The end has not been modified.

Almost every island has custom terrain, custom houses, and custom mobs. The spawn island that you first spawn in is technically not an island because you cannot place/break any blocks on that island.

When you are ready to start the game, head over to the start sign and click the button and you will spawn on the home island.

But remember one mistake could mean that you would have to start over. In order to really complete the game, you must find a dragon head in the end and take it to the overworld.

After you get the dragon head, you must go to the village and trade it with a villager located outside.

Then you must buy his book and then find 4 other villagers that trade the other 4 books. Once you have obtained book 5, you must go to the bedrock island and place the book in the dispenser.

Any other items that you place in the dispenser will not go in or unlock the door. If you want to cheat/check out all of the command blocks that are in the map, that is fine with me.



Map Details

Creator: CraftersForge
(241 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.2
Size: 58 MB
Added: 2020-08-21
Downloads: 18,914
Category: Survival Maps

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0 CraftersForge I have made the dragon head the item you need so that you can get another one because many players like to show off their dragon egg for "completing" the game. I am also working on making this map better in the future. A newer version may come out.

2021-05-24 21:19

+35 CesarBeast Why mobs don't spawn?
Why is rain invisible?

2020-09-03 01:48

+28 22Armin22 this is a nice map but i dont finde gravel! pls someone help me!!

2020-09-02 16:03

+12 Michonitch I'm starting a series on this on my youtube channel and it is pretty cool so far!

2020-09-01 16:34

+7 SiientMemes2 this map is awsome

2020-08-25 18:56

+24 PotatoChild This was actually really fun, if you plan to make improvements I would add some custom villagers to allow the player to buy more non-renewable resources, such as ores and such. also finding the dragon head took a really long time so I would make it the dragon egg instead of the head. lastly, I accidentally went into the bedrock structure while exploring it and I got stuck in adventure mode and couldn't get out until I starved to death and lost my items. maybe you could add a button to let the player leave if they accidentally wandered in there. Other than that, the experience was amazing and it was super enjoyable and relaxing. Definitely one of my favorite skyblock maps I've tried so far. Thanks for making this and I hope you find this feedback useful. :)

2020-08-25 17:15

-9 SiientMemes I've Downloaded This Map A Couple Times And Every Time The Start Button Doesn't Work

2020-08-22 20:55


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