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SkyBlock Evo

Created by Suspiria

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From the creator of Acidblock, Skyblock Evo is the ultimate skyblock experience!

Download and try this map now!

What's Skyblock Evo?
Skyblock Evo is a brand new map made by Suspiria designed for 1.14+ Minecraft clients.

Master the floating islands in each dimension: the Overworld, the Nether, the End, and the PARADISE, a custom dimension reachable thanks to a custom portal!

With 3 hidden ancient recipes to find and over 40+ missions to complete, fun is 100% guaranteed!

How do I play this map?
This map is basically a normal skyblock but it includes a lot of new features. Skyblock Evo also includes custom crafting recipes and custom advancements.

Update Log

Update 1.8 (current, 20/01/2020)
-Bug fixes

Update 1.7 (21/11/2019)
-Improved multiplayer support

Update 1.6 (21/09/2019)
-New elytra obtaining system added.

Update 1.5 (20/08/2019)
-Hole under nether islands filled
-Glowstone recipe fixed

Update 1.4 (27/05/2019)
-Map optimization
-Bug free release

Update v1.3 (25/05/2019)
-Missing End Frame recipe added, sorry for the big inconvenience!

Update v1.2 (24/05/2019)
-Bed spawn bug fixed

Update v1.1 (20/05/2019)
-New cow added to the paradise island
-Netherbrick bug fixed

Update v1.0 (29/04/2019)
-Knockout replaced with water bucket not trade island chest.

Update v0.9.1 BETA (29/04/2019)
-Teleport bug fixed (by changing tp coords from x y z to x.5 y z.5).
-Now you have to smelt gravel to obtain magma blocks instead of smelting stones.

Update v0.9 BETA (map release, 28/04/2019)
-A large minority of users might have some issues with teleportations, this is a 1.14 MC bug (chunk loading bug) and unfortunately I can't deal with this. The good thing is that to make the player stop shaking you just need to press "esc" (going to the menu will unbug the character).


(!) This map is vanilla 100%, the custom portal is made with command blocks and no modpacks are required.
(!) Read the books! They will tell you important gameplay keys of the map!
(!) Follow all the custom advancements to complete the map, although you can play it forever, since it's a skyblock and the possibilities are unlimited!
(!) 5+ effective gameplay hours required

Map version: 1.4
Minecraft version required: 1.14+
Max. players: off-limits

NOTE: This map got tested, but since it's the first version released, please report any bugs and feedbacks in the comment section below.


Building: Suspiria (This map has NO downloaded components)
Commands: Suspiria
Coding: Suspiria
Beta-testing: Suspiria, Gilby003


Map Details

Creator: Suspiria
(451 votes)
Version: 1.8
MC Version: 1.14.1
Size: 17.4 MB
Added: 2019-05-27
Downloads: 72,519
Category: Survival Maps


+2 Dan A great addition would be the ability to trade oak saplings for something. I have an abundance of those, and nothing to do but throw them away after I replant a few.

2021-03-28 22:10

+52 awesomknight I lost the book you need to make iron whats the recipe

2019-10-11 22:56

+14 Suspiria Quoting John:
When I break things nothing drops. Help?

That happens only in the map lobby, follow the instructions to start the map!

2019-10-10 13:50

+18 ExodusFang Hi Susprisia. Skyblock Evo has been great so far! I was just wondering if you could provide the co-ordinates for the command blocks which teleport you to and from the nether, paradise, and the end. I am playing with someone else so it would be helpful if we didn't tp to the portal entrance/exit every time. Thanks!

2019-10-07 03:41

+11 BenK1122 Quoting theburden:
Hi i cant seem to get the end portal to work after placing the end frame and eye of ender. Any way for it to work?

you have to be standing in the middle of the portal when placing the frames so they're all facing inward. Minecraft is finicky about end portals.

2019-09-16 14:22

+12 Bucka Erm, can you add a recipe to make lava buckets with a bucket and a magma block? I have so many buckets due to the current recipe..

2019-09-01 01:08

+12 John When I break things nothing drops. Help?

2019-08-29 19:50

+12 Magdalene Quoting DerpyJack21:
in order to go the the nether you need obsidian. in order to get obsidian, you need a diamond pickaxe. in order to get a diamond pickaxe, you need diamonds. in order to get diamonds, you need to go to the paradise dimension. in order to go the paradise dimension, you need quartz blocks. in order to get quartz blocks, you need quartz. in order to get quartz, you need to go to the nether.

You need to get magma blocks from island with portal to the nether
then make dirt from seeds
clay from dirt
break it
smelt clay balls
make dirt
then sand
then gravel
break it
get flints
make iron
make lava bucket
place lava when the obsidian needs to be
and place water

2019-08-26 07:19

+10 Suspiria Quoting TheMightySpurdo:
Hi, I pretty much just got every signle achievement in the map, but I'm currently stuck in the end misssion. I don't know where to find eneder pearls, this is the biggest problem. Regular mob spawner generally dont drop ender pearls and there doesnt seem to be a trade or a recipe to get them. What should i do??

Endermans aren't rare to spawn on the island, so you gotta be pacient and wait them to spawn and then grind them. Tip: make a platform where mobs can spawn easily and endermans will appear very soon.

2019-08-23 08:30

+7 TheMightySpurdo Hi, I pretty much just got every signle achievement in the map, but I'm currently stuck in the end misssion. I don't know where to find eneder pearls, this is the biggest problem. Regular mob spawner generally dont drop ender pearls and there doesnt seem to be a trade or a recipe to get them. What should i do??

2019-08-19 03:56

+9 panda why must there be so many buckets????? i have 6 plus buckets from making buckets of lavas and now they just sit in my chest with no use because....ther es no other use for them to grab water...but at what point would i need 6 plus buckets of water??????

2019-08-18 10:50

+4 Lucin8or Quoting ShadowBlade13:
i play on version 1.14.2
when i place the water on the island its invisible and doesn't spread
but when i placed it inside the island (i dug a few blocks) it works fine

It's invisible when u use slabs, use full blocks below it

2019-08-17 13:43

+4 Mi1xn Quoting Kogy:
with what app I should open the README thing, I can't open it D:


2019-08-16 18:44

0 warhunter so i played this with my friend and we went to the trading place. so we both walked in there and then he left and i tryed to leave after it would not let us.

2019-08-15 18:23

+5 Suspiria Quoting Kogy:
with what app I should open the README thing, I can't open it D:

You can open the "README" file with the notepad application, even if that file contains just few lines of credits.

2019-08-11 17:55

+3 Nico Quoting Six12:
Getting dirt is too much of a grind. This also makes iron a lot harder to get because you need multiple dirt blocks to make an iron ingot. I can't craft hoppers for my mob grinder and I can't get to the nether, because I need 3 iron ingot for each lava bucket crafted. That would also leave me with many buckets that I won't even need. The only reason to return to the paradise dimension is to use the ghost spawner. It would be cool if some other mobs spawned there too to make paradise more useful.

I'm keeping myself from using this seeds craft, it's way too easy with it, in order to get dirt usually on skyblocks is to buy podzol from the wandering trader, and you can only buy like 12 or so... besides you don't need that much dirt to do stuff, you can automatize EVERY non mob related farm using only 1 dirt.
On top of that, you don't need dirt to make an iron farm.
So.. stop crying for nothing

2019-08-11 02:57

+6 Pixelcraft05 3rd time's the charm XD
But well this time i won't talk about fishing but instead it needs less grind since getting iron takes ages i even tried putting random tick time to 25000 yet only got got like 9 blocks of dirt... So maybe add some faster way to get dirt etc
This is mainly complaint but please make it a bit faster to get since it takes ages if you would do this normally.
Maybe change normal tick speed to like 2000 or something since otherwise it just gets repetitive, boring and gets less players therefore.

2019-08-05 15:43

+4 Pixelcraft05 Hello again suspiria.
I've been fishing a bit (if you add some more purpose to fishing XD) and i got a really good bow (power 4, infinity, unbreaking 3 and punch 2) but it only had 38 durability and therefore i'd like to get an anvil but since iron takes so long to get i kinda gave up on that.
So the purpose of this message was just to inform you that iron should (imo) be a bit faster since getting an anvil for example would take hours upon hours of just waiting for wheat.
With kind regards Pixelcraft05

2019-08-05 12:22

+8 Pixelcraft05 Hello i'm just a random guy on the internet that whould like there to be like fishing trades and more items from fishing because now it kinda seems pointless imo
Dearest regards Pixelcraft05 (my ingame name)
Also if you implement something like this i'll be super happy that you took it into consideration and actually made it a thing :D

2019-08-05 10:15

+11 Kogy with what app I should open the README thing, I can't open it D:

2019-08-03 22:34

+9 james1234hi How do you get mushrooms?

2019-08-02 23:21

+6 Dudude The recipe for glowstone dust doesn't work for me.

2019-08-02 01:43

+6 catchcheese Quoting Suspiria:
You just need to stand on the bedrock of the trade island. If it's still not working try to reinstall the map to the newest version.

Can i have the coords to it so i dont lose my progress?

2019-07-29 21:04

+8 Santa Claus Quoting Saint:
Hey what type if brick do i need to make the iron ingot?

the standard brick, not the block

2019-07-29 15:25


2019-07-28 00:51

+7 DitDit I can't smelt nether brick into quartz. Any help?

2019-07-27 17:22

+2 Robin Hey, two friends and I would like to play this map, but no matter what block we break, we don't get it. Please contact me ()

2019-07-23 14:12

+4 MythicalMatt Lightning struck and killed my cow in the first 20 seconds of playing D: R.I.P. (Good Map Though)

2019-07-19 17:52

+1 pacifyher8699 The end portal doesn't work!

2019-07-17 19:48

+4 I have no name Why I can't craft glowstone dust. You show me [×] [×]
[×] [×]
B = blaze powder G = gunpowder × = nothing
It dosn't work! (I play at 1.14)

2019-07-17 11:38


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