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SkyBlock: Chronicles of Nidarr

Created by zampognano

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You wake up in the kingdom of Nidarr, and are immediately put to the challenge by meeting Alfonso, your guide, your goal is to complete the monument that will free him and his civilization, it is completable by exploring and trading.

The island you will start on will be kinda small but it has all the necessary resources to progress and the further you go from the starting island the better the new islands will be.

One of the islands was made by one of my twitch followers, come by and you might be able to see your build featured in the next map.

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  • Custom villagers trading system
  • Custom commands
  • Completable monument
  • Custom ore generator (made like the classic cobblestone generator)


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Map Details

Creator: zampognano
(44 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 57.3 MB
Added: 2021-07-18
Downloads: 2,189
Category: Survival Maps


0 KeyDevy Hello, and I have played your map! This map is a good map for beginners that want to play skyblock! I liked how everything is functioning like its actual skyblock and there is a lot of exploring when starting the game. Also, I am doing a series on this map and I only started with part one!

My gameplay: https://youtu.be/vdmIHjaaJ5c

Keep up the good work and I will continue with the series for skyblock: chronicles of Nidarr!

2021-07-30 13:59

0 Chery_Cola The biome makes it so no mobs, not even hostile mobs will spawn

2021-07-25 19:31

-2 big_h Quoting warriorstamps:
um... the biome is "the_void" so no monsters (I actually wanted hostile monsters) can spawn. good design though

Also, it will be cool if u add a boss to fight before getting the treasure on each big island

2021-07-22 10:48

0 Skipper75 Good map! I have a playthrough on my YouTube channel. Just search for Skipper75

2021-07-20 19:43

+1 warriorstamps um... the biome is "the_void" so no monsters (I actually wanted hostile monsters) can spawn. good design though

2021-07-19 19:04


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