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Skyblock Beyond 2

NOTE: You NEED Optifine 1.16.5 to play this map! If you play this on a server, each player will have to put the folder into their resourcepacks folder individually!

The sequel to Skyblock Beyond.

In this map you will start on one oak tree with nothing but the vast void around you and through custom crafting you'll be able to get iron, gold, diamonds, go to the nether and the end and kill the ender dragon.

But your journey doesn't stop there.

You can fight your way through 18 different dungeons, each unique with a certain theme. You could try to complete all of the custom achievements. Most importantly, you can play the map in whatever way you want!

The map features:

  • over 150 custom crafting recipes
  • over 130 custom advancements
  • over 25 new armor sets
  • 18 dungeons

If you need help, have suggestions or just wanna give feedback directly, you can join the discord for Skyblock Beyond 1 and 2: (My Username is Crewmitglied789)

I hope you will all enjoy this map as I put about 380 hours of work into it

Have fun :)




2022-05-07 - Map Released.

1.5 Accessory Update
- added an accessory shop -> 8 unique accessories, each with an upgraded version for endgame
- fixed the iron ore and lapis lazuli advancements

- added Growth Accelerators (Shop to increase the randomTickSpeed)
- added the hint for the Secret Location Advancement in a ruined portal around the fortress

- added a recipe to exchange any type of flower into any other type of flower

- fixed the tickets for dungeon 14 and 15

- fixed an issue that the end would sometimes not unlock
- adjusted the costs for the dungeon tickets
- (hopefully) fixed an issue with the "Enter Dungeon" sign from the first dungeon
- fixed the advancement for the cactus chestplate

- actually fixed the dungeon not closing issue
- the teleport book now works without operator rights
- fixed the end portal not opening issue

1.3 The Equipment Update
- completely rabalanced all of the armor sets
-> some armor sets give effects, some give you items, some provide immunity to debuffs
- armor of the universe is now animated
- shovels of the world/universe now have silk touch instead of fortune enchanted
- all cores can now be stacked
- creators elytra now gives you immunity to most debuffs and cool particles around you
- new textures for the weapons in the shop area
- added a super fast, but low durability sugar pickaxe
- added a healing rod, that heals 2 hearts every 7 seconds in your offhand

Map Details

Map Creator: Kampfinator300
(98 votes)
Map Version: v1.5.2
Minecraft Version: 1.16.5
File Size: 33.3 MB
Date Added: 2022-05-07
Downloads: 17,491
Map Category: Survival Maps

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