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Sky Realms

Created by Beatityo

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Map Info

SkyRealms is like Skyblock where you have limited resources and you have to explore each island to gather loot. Explore the Nether and try to get powerful. Make the limited resources unlimited by searching for loot, making farms, and trading with villagers in the hall. Once you are strong enough and have the willpower, go explore the vast end and defeat the final boss to complete your journey


  • Play with 12+ render distance to see all the islands
  • Multiplayer is compatible
  • If you are in a server, make everyone an operator so they can use the /trigger commands (mostly /trigger trade)
  • Setting the world to hardcore (can be done ingame through chat) cannot be undone. Infact, you cannot change the difficulty from then on
  • Use /trigger Options to open the Options GUI whenever you want
  • Use /trigger Trade to tp to the villager trading hall
  • Have Fun!

Note* This is my 1st map with the help of OmMyGod and if there are any bugs leave a comment. Thanks!


Thanks to the help of OmMyGod I was able to finish this map quicker.



2022-07-09 - Map Released.


(Hopefully) A lot of commands blocks not syncing with hardcoremode
Made prices in villager trading hall less to shorten the long grind
Removed some forgotten blocks
Piglin Brutes dont have weapons
Fixed cobblestone gen button not disappearing
A ton of bugs found


Weather Cycle settings

Map Details

Map Creator: Beatityo
(22 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.19 (Java)
File Size: 97.3 MB
Date Added: 2022-07-09
Downloads: 3,742
Map Category: Survival Maps

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