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2. Moon Fall v1.0.0
3. Cauldron's Rift v1.0.0
4. Dreamland v1.0
5. Tunneler v1.0

Simplified SkyWorldBlock

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Inspired By Hypixel SkyBlock:

The game has a wiki made by myself, Click here to see

From the original version of SkyWorldBlock(Click here to view)

Some rules and anything in the game may change in the further updates.

Please change the gamerule of DoMobSpawning to true if the mobs dosen't spawn in the island


  • 1:No Cheating(May Cause bugs)
  • 2:Use Advanced Crafting Table to craft tools and custom items
  • 3:The Advanced Crafting Table may eat your items while putting items(Because I use command blocks) so use wisely
  • 4:All recipes will be shown in the Skyworldblock recipes guide where can obtainable in the Skyblock island, hold [?] to view the items required to craft
  • 5:Don't place your enchanted blocks or player heads (they will turn back to its original form when do so)
  • 6:The game may have some bugs that will cause some problems
  • 7:My English is not good as well so some words you may can't read and don't complain because of this.
  • 8:Don't lose your Skyworldblock recipe guide otherwise you can't see any recipes of any custom items
  • 9:This game may can multiplayer as i didn't try it before
  • 10:some crafted items may be useless so please check the recipes before you craft
  • 11:Your items will be kept when you die
  • 12:Set Render Distance to 20 or more(When you too far away from the island which is full of grass block and dirt,many of the custom items will not work)
  • 13:The shop still not fully complete yet.Will be done in further updates
  • 14:You can also play without the custom items as there is custom crafting in the original crafting table
  • 15:Don't change the difficulty to Peaceful(Very Meaningless)
  • 16:Don't try to use Aspect of the Teleport to get inside the command place.(You will get kill when you go into a wrong place)[V1.15 or newer]
  • 17:While in the map editor, type /trigger swb set (In 1-13) or open the chat message to use the commands(V1.15 or newer)

Mini-Game:Monster Attack(V1.15 or newer Game Version)

Build up your own map and use your own weapons to defend from the monsters you choose!

Have Easy, Medium, Hard and Impossible Difficulties

You can see the map you have made in front of the skyblock island


  • 1.Don't craft tools at the advanced crafting table because the result of the item is depending which location you are(Mostly is Hoe)
  •    However,you must craft swords in the advanced crafting table or else the damage is very low but you still can kill Lv1 Zombie Easily
  • 2.Remember when you click the signs,please scroll up the message first(Start with Collection I) to view the recipes
  • 3.Resource Generator is a very useful stuff(It can generate resources automatically).Place it on the floor or rail and hopper in the bottom is the best opinion.
  • 4.Craft Zombie(Include Bosses) Spawn Egg to get Useful stuffs(But it will be hard to kill)
  • 5.Iron Armor can be transfer to Chainmail Armor By using Stonecutter(V1.14 or upper)
  • 6.Use the recipe guide(Not Skyworldblock recipe guide!) from the original crafting table to view custom survival recipes(Like diamond)
  • 7.The Music disc has a weird texture(Tools or Swords) but you still can use it.

Download(Only for Beta Version):

Beta Version To Download:(Link Didn't Remove)

V1.13 Beta:V1.13 SkyWorldBlock Download

V1.14 Beta:V1.14 SkyWorldBlock Download

Old Changelog: V1.12:
  • 1.Added new Crafting Recipes,Redstone is back to the game(But still no custom recipes)
  • 2.Fixed where Diamond Collection dosen't work correctly
  • 3.Added New islands
  • 4.Added Loot tables from some mobs
  • 5.Zombie Sword Buff:
  • Damage increased from 60 to 190
  • Changed from costing foodbar to 30s Cooldown
  • 6.Now Wither have a new Health and Loot(2-3 item)
  • Wither:Health:8000
  •            Damage:Same with the original wither
  • Loot:Nether Star(100%)
  •         Wither Spawn Egg(Weaker Wither)
  •         Nether Star Sword(No Enchantments)
  • 7.Reduced Zombie Horse Rider crafting requirements from 3 to 1 Enchanted Rotten Flesh
  • 1.Added More SkyWorldBlock Advancements(With Special Rewards and Recipes):
  • [Diamond Armor Collector]:Advanced Diamond Sword and Tools(Unbreakable)
  • [Zombie Slayer]:Coal Guy's Sword(Have a chance to get random enchantments)
  • Recipes:
  • [Zombie Slayer]:Zombie Head Recipe
  • [Experienced]:Gunpowder Recipe
  • [Oh, a creeper... Head?]:Wandering Trader Spawn Egg Recipe
  • [Need Bones?]:Snowball Recipe
  • 2.Solve some issues
  • 3.New Rarity:Reward Item
  • 4.Change back the gamerule DoMobSpawning from False to True
  • 5.Added lights on the command place so that no mobs can spawn at there
  • 6.Removed testing nether portal in the Command Station to prevent any Zombie Pigman or any other mobs in that area which can cause problems
  • 1.Balance Update
  • Coal Guy's Sword:Buff
  • Changed the Rarity from RARE toREWARD ITEM
  • Damage increased from 75 to 80
  • Strength increased from 120 to 125
  • End Stone Sword:Nerf
  • When Maxed, Bonus Strength decreased from 50 to 20
  • Bone Sword:Buff
  • Damage increased from 45 to 85
  • Strength increased from 0 to 35
  • Changed the Rarity from COMMON to UNCOMMON
  • Ender Sword:Nerf and Buff
  • Damage increased from 50 to 55
  • Changed the Rarity from UNCOMMON to COMMON
  • Magma Sword:Buff
  • Strength Increased from 0 to 70
  • Absolute Diamond Sword:Fixed
  • Solve a bug where the item cannot upgrade to tier II or III
  • Lapis Helmet(Secret):Buff
  • Increased Strength from 20 to 30
  • Coal Chestplate(Secret):Nerf
  • Decreased Bonus Movement speed from 50% to 35%
  • 2.Iron Armor can be transfer to Chainmail Armor By using Stonecutter
  • 3.Added new recipes:raw beefsheep spawn eggfish spawn eggcooked cod can be transfer back to raw cod using furnace due to the fishing loot, villager spawn eggore blockandesitediorite and granite.
  • 4.New Weapon:Prismarine Sword(Craftable by the Advanced Crafting Table)
  • 5.The "Nearest mob:" won't show non-mob things anymore
  • 1.Added Defensing System(who gets in the command place, players in a radius of 27 will get instant-kill)
  • 2.Added new weapon:Aspect of the Teleport and Enchanted Snow Sword
  • 3.Added Shops from the original version of Skyworldblock
  • 4.Added Monster attack mini-game with custom maps and entity or player(s) spawn place.Will have reward which can buy stuff with the shop
  • 5.Added Damaging System to the Stonecutter, dealing 8 Hearts per second.
  • 6.Added New custom crafting recipes
  • 7.Added custom commands using trigger in the Map of Mini-Game Editor :
Command List:
  • /trigger swb set 1 ->summon sp(spawn place)
  • /trigger swb set 2 ->remove nearest sp
  • /trigger swb set 3 ->summon esp(entity spawn place)
  • /trigger swb set 4 ->remove nearest esp
  • /trigger swb set 5 ->use zombies as entity spawn place
  • /trigger swb set 6 ->use skeletons as entity spawn place
  • /trigger swb set 7 ->use Golden Zombies as entity spawn place
  • /trigger swb set 8 ->use spiders as entity spawn place
  • /trigger swb set 9 ->use ender zombies as entity spawn place
  • /trigger swb set 10 ->use zombie bosses as entity spawn place
  • /trigger swb set 11 ->remove all esp
  • /trigger swb set 12 -> start the game(will not work if don’t have any spawn place or entity spawn place)
  • /trigger swb set 13 -> go to skyworldblock recipe guide
  • /trigger swb set 911 -> Gives Backup Sword which has only 1 durability
  • /trigger swb set 444 -> Kill yourself(Same as /kill @p)
  • /trigger swb set 14 -> use zombie pigman as entity spawn place(V1.16)
  • /trigger swb set 15 -> use wither skeleton as entity spawn place(V1.16)
  • /trigger swb set 16 -> use wither as entity spawn place(V1.16)
  • /trigger swb set 17 -> use blaze as entity spawn place(V1.16)
  • 1.Fixed a bug where Promising Pickaxe ability dosen't work and make it available to Efficiency VI Enchantment(Require 1000 Times Used)
  • 2.Fixed a problem where the trading coin cannot be trade with gold ingot (And also Emerald)
  • 3.Added zombie Pigman-Easy, wither skeleton-Easy, wither-Hard and blaze-Medium to the entity spawn place list(New Commands are added in the command list up there)
  • 4.Added a new rarity:SUPER LEGEND
  • 5.Added two new weapons from the coal sword:The Coal Killer and The Coal Commander Sword(SUPER LEGEND)
  • 6.Enchanting Room+ Balance Change
  • 1.Ghast Blade:Nerf 
  • Changed the Rarity from RARE to UNCOMMON
  • The name of the weapon have changed to "Silver Blade"
  • 2.Fancy SwordUndead iron sword and Arthropod Sword will show Enchantments again
  • 3.Harden Wood Sword:Buff
  • Increase Strength From 0 to 30
  • 4.New system:Only Admin or the Owner can access to the command place and change to creative mode[Owner:100,Admin:101]
  • 5.You will not be teleport back to the spawn place anymore when you completed a wave
  • 6.New Types of Custom Crafting Recipes
  • 7.Lots of improvements
  • 8.Solve a problem where Enchanted Room+ Dosen't work correctly
  • 9.Ruby Collection Remade
  • 10.Added Redstone Collection(Finally)
  • 11.All types of projective weapons can damage any types of mobs(Expect Wither and Ender Dragon)
  • 12.Harden Cactus Sword :Buff
  • Increased Damage by 10(75-85)
  • Increase Strength From 0 to 125
  • 13.Added Magma Leggings
  • 14.Show the recipes to upgrade the End stone Sword
  • 15.Lightning spell and Thundersword ability improved
  • 16.Added first pet:Creeper Pet
  • 1.Vanishing Curse:Nerf
  • Reduced the effect of weakness from II to I
  • (I found that this enchantment can make most mobs cannot deal any damage,especially for bosses.Therefore, I reduced it to one to make less effective.)
  • 2.Fixed a bug where the pet become hostile


  • 1.Added explosive bow from creeper collection(based on Hypixel Skyblock)
  • 2.Remake a villager trade shop and Added Greatly Improved Gold Sword from Pure Gold Sword
  • 3.Added End Crystal Collection with End Teleporter and End Crystal Sword
  • 4.Now can Acess to the Nether(By Portal) and The End(By End Teleporter)[Most Item Ability will not work in Nether or The End]
  • 5.Remake Ender Dragon from The End
  • Health:100000
  • Damage and Ability remains the same
  • Loot:8-40 Enchanted Ender Eye(12.5%-100%)
  • Aspect of the Ender(7%)[Ability will be available in further updates]
  • 6.Enderman in the end has a different health from 200 to 5000
  • 7.Zombies in The End will transfer to Ender Zombie from the spawn egg
  • 8.Will Show Joining World... when using SkyWorldBlock Recipe Guide
  • 9.Solved a bug where the target can still deal damage when applying Freeze spell Effects
  • 10.End Crystal Crafting Recipe Changed
  • 11.You can now trade for a Random Flower Box or a Super Chest in the Plants Shop(Original Flower Box Remains but changed the name to Full Flower Pack Box)
  • 12.Ender Zombie now drops 4xEnder pearls instead of 64xEnder Pearls(Except in The End[25%])


  • 1.Harden Diamond Sword:Buff Increase Strength from 0 to 100
  • 2.Reduced the price to trade the sliver blade and Harden Wood Sword
  • 3.Harden Wood Sword:Nerf
  • Changed the rarity from UNCOMMON to COMMON
  • Added an upgrade to this weapon
  • 4.Added Winner Chest in the Plants Shop
  • 5.Removed the "Iron" word from the Undead Iron Sword
  • 6.Added New Advancement:Aspect of the Gold(Reward:Winner Chest)
  • 7.Solved a problem where some advancements cannot be completed
  • 8.Added Newbie and Impossible Difficulty instead of normal difficulties(Not the mini-game)
  • 9.Fixed a bug where Absolute Diamond Helmet Tier I cannot upgrade to Tier II
  • 10.(Mainly)Added wiki for this game
  • 11.Added Leather Collection with Harden Leather Chestplate
V1.21: Small Update
  • Added "Weapon Spinner" in the SkyWorldBlock Recipe Guide nearby the format of cobblestone generator
  • Each spin needs 8 Trading Coins
  • Weapons you can get:
  • Skeleton Sword (14%)
  • Coal Sword (14%)
  • End Stone Sword (14%)
  • Ender Sword (14%)
  • Spider Sword (14%)
  • Bone Sword (7%)
  • Emerald Bat (7%)
  • Prismarine Sword (3%)
  • Magma Sword (3%)
  • Zombie Sword (1%)
  • Absolute Diamond Sword Tier I (1%)
  • Thunder Sword (1%)


  • 1.Fixed a bug where zombie mask is overpower(Damage multiplicative)
  • 2.Added Obsidian Collection with Obsidian Turret
  • 3.Most Bosses from the Mini-Game have changed to a new health or damage



2020-02-04 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: PixelMinecraft2
(425 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.15
File Size: 59.7 MB
Date Added: 2020-02-04
Downloads: 13,131
Map Category: Survival Maps

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