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Created by Compaq222

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Pillar is a custom survival map that was inspired by Skyblock Survival and Neus.

It has various locations such as mines and dungeons with glorified loot of every kind like brewing to enchanting to just plain weapons.

Rules: You cannot leave the Pillar until you have completed ALL of these challenges.

MUST have difficulty on anything BUT peaceful.


1) Make a portal

2) Craft full diamond armor

3) Enchant at least 3 tools

4) Make 5 golden apples

5) Create a melon farm

6) Create a pumpkin farm

7) Create a farm

8) Make a cobblestone generator

9) Make a cactus farm/trap

10) Make a house on the pillar

11) Make a house on the nether

12) Make at least 2 potions

13) Tame a dog

14) Make or find a pickaxe out of each possible block

15) Reach at least level 10

16) Add decor to your house by using lapis lazulli blocks (and maybe a dragon egg)

17) Cook fish

18) Find all the locations

Map Details

Creator: Compaq222
(24 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.2.5
Size: 1.7 MB
Added: 2012-06-28
Downloads: 34,789
Category: Survival Maps


+1 smeds1 this is a really good map!

2013-07-26 23:26

+5 Mr.cow really cool map I recommend it it keeps you busy with all of the challenges but its only a 4x4 space maybe if it was bigger it would be even better but I loved it I played it with 4 other people so it was kinda cramped but everything I like accept the thing that it 4x4 space

2013-07-09 01:44

+7 ChamberJr I think it's a good idea, but it's too small and not challenging enough. you can hardly do anything in a 4x4 space and it's just far too easy to quarry mine down. I only died once because I was fighting silverfish but accidentally dropped my sword while trying to switch to cobble (I pressed q instead of 1). If this map was 16x16, it would be much more of a challenge, but it's a good starter. Keep it up!

2013-05-29 12:12

+6 JKdestruction Played this with my friend. Awesome map! It was really fun fighting the dungeons the way down :)

2013-04-06 23:32

+20 Compaq222 Thanks for all the amazing feedback!

I am currently working on a map called "Firefighter"

Expect more greatness!

2012-10-07 22:35

+19 smeds1 Sir or m'am, in the description it said this was your first map and this was an amazing map. Make more maps because I see a bunch of the hottest maps rating with your username as the creator ;D

2012-09-16 03:28

+18 ElCaesar I started playing it and I couldn?t stop until I get out of the pillar!! very good map, I recommend this

2012-09-06 19:01

+17 MrHack3r A really good map! Survival is challenged throughout the map. I recommend this for all minecraftians, who want a challenge to keep them busy for some time! Really AWESOME MAP! PLAY IT!


2012-09-05 21:34


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