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Over The Rainbow

Created by ohsnapitzbrandon

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Map Info:
You start out on a cloud, nothing but a cloud. On that cloud is a giant rainbow. Use this to make more rainbows to explore more clouds. This is the first map I have ever made and it was inspired by SkyBlock. There is a few challenges if you wish to complete them, but this is optional, and gives you something more to do while playing this map.

=First Tier=

  • Craft a bed
  • Craft a furnace
  • Make a farm including wheat, potatos, and carrots
  • Explore 3 clouds other than your main one
  • Make a home
  • Smelt 3 of any ore
  • Craft a bucket

=Second Tier=

  • Make a cobblestone generator
  • Craft a piston
  • Obtain 1 of each kind of fish
  • Have 2 of each cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep in a pen
  • Make a mob farm
  • Craft a pair of gold boots
  • Craft a iron sword and pickaxe
  • Collect 5 diamonds
  • Visit the nether

=Third Tier=

  • Make a netherwart farm
  • Make 16 pumpkin pie
  • Enchant any tool
  • Tame an ocelot
  • Make a brewing stand
  • Put water into a cauldron

=Fourth Tier=

  • Brew any potion
  • Cure a zombie villager
  • Craft a jukebox
  • Obtain 5 mycelium using a Silk Touch pickaxe
  • Tame 3 wolves and give them a name using a nametag
  • Obtain 32 Glowstone blocks
  • Tame a Horse and give it a name using a nametag
  • Kill a creeper using a bow and arrow
  • Craft 5 golden apples

=Fifth Tier=

  • Play music in the Nether
  • Craft 3 mushroom soup
  • Make an iron farm
  • Make 20 snow golems
  • Visit the Sunflower Plains cloud
  • Trade with a villager
  • Visit The End
  • Make an Iron Golem in The End
  • Place the Dragon Egg on top of an emerald block
  • Craft a pair of Pink Leather Leggings

Killing the wither and enderdragon is possible but may be extremely difficult so it is recommended to do /gamerule keepInventory true before starting.

Have fun! You never know what you might find over the rainbow. ♥

Map Details

Creator: ohsnapitzbrandon
(45 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 54 MB
Added: 2015-10-02
Downloads: 15,134
Category: Survival Maps


0 Displayaz Here is my playthrough of it:

I am enjoying this map so much!!! It's a great and entertaining experience that has been a long series on my channel (it's still going.) I freaking love this map and it's challenges. I LOOOOOOOOVE THIS!!!!!

2017-08-03 13:21

0 Viscerally Bland compared to sky element
But overall an average sky map

2015-11-25 16:34

-3 ChalzZy Hey man, I'm starting a series on your map. Here's a link if ya interested :) -

2015-10-22 03:06

+1 lorenzorenz Simple but very nice map, not too long and not much farming needed.

2015-10-11 11:58

+1 thelegohead1 Awesome map!

2015-10-09 19:06

+4 Anonymous Congrats! You are the 100th Survival map uploaded to here!

2015-10-08 21:55

+1 Anonymous How do you get wood. It is just wool.

2015-10-03 20:29

+2 Derpycake55 AMAZING MAP DUDE! Such a great job for your first try! :)

2015-10-03 16:48


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