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One Chunk Survival

Created by ASonicSloth

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Here I present One Chunk Survival! This map is for players that want to be challenged with a very small space to play and progress in the world of Minecraft. This world is full of interesting things to discover and create just within your own single chunk of the Minecraft world!

This map is designed to be capable of allowing the player to progress very far into the game without leaving the chunk. It's also meant to be basically idiot-proof.. hopefully. This map should support more than 1 player but that's not tested and it would add an extra level of difficulty so keep that in mind.


  • 1. Play without using any cheats.(Cheats disabled by default)
  • 2. When pressing buttons that trigger commands wait a few seconds before continuing with your next action.
  • 3. Render Distance recommended to be 8 or lower since there's no reason to have it high and there will eventually be a lot of entities within your chunk causing extra lag.

NOTE: This is my first map and may have a few bugs. Everything has been tested multiple times and I have rarely encountered a problem. If a game-breaking bug is found that is not the fault of a player I would appreciate that being reported ASAP.


Map Details

Creator: ASonicSloth
(162 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 148 MB
Added: 2021-11-12
Downloads: 4,663
Category: Survival Maps

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Brendan 4 hours in the game crashes I reset and tried again 4 hours in crashes

2021-12-31 14:24

Sufyangamerz My Man this Map is amazing bro i love it but we dont have animals its so bad

2021-11-21 01:11

Hashem Shoukri after i pressed the button to join the survival chunk it started lagging like crazy

2021-11-20 15:41

brett Can you go to the end?

2021-11-14 13:09


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