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Multiplayer Sky Challenge

Created by _Jul

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Ever wanted to play a skyblock type map in multiplayer? But the size of the island was too small that you kept falling to the void? Or was it that the map became boring after you had your cobblestone generator because there were no more ores?

Those problems are solved with this map! where you can play with your friends (minimum three players, with a maximum of 15) on separate islands and with lives. You heard it right! Lives in a survival map, not only 1 try! (unless 15 people play, then it would be only 1 life for each one)

It's up to you if you decide to survive with your friends, or do a Sky PvP war until they can't come back. Then you can take their resources :D

Why don't you give it a shot? You will love it, i'm sure.

In case you don't spawn where you have to, the coords are:
x: -559
y: 5.62
z: 226

The Bone given might not be for what you think it is... use it wisely.

Read the instructions at the start point, they will help you get started.


1) Build a Cobblestone Generator.
2) Get to the Resources Block.
3) Connect the 3 islands.
4) Make a big house, with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a lobby... Well just big
5) Make a cactus farm.
6) Make a sugarcane farm.
7) Make a wheat farm.
8) Make a mushroom farm.
9) Build far enough so monsters spawn.
10) Make a mob grinder.
11) Make an infinite water source.
12) Make a melon farm.
13) Get to the nether!!!
14) Find the chest in the nether... First
15) Build a village with enough villagers for 2 or 3 iron golems.
16) Craft 16 iron blocks.
17) Craft 16 golden blocks.
18) Get some netherwart planted.
19) Make some potions.
20) Get 16 Ghast Tears.
21) Make a Sand Farm.
22) Used only 1 minecart (print screen with 4 minecarts in your chest)

Map Details

Creator: _Jul
(34 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.2.5
Size: 3.9 MB
Added: 2012-05-11
Downloads: 34,057
Category: Survival Maps


0 Concept1337 Quoting grahamo:
Why did you put lava in the pillar it is annoying and stupid.
Because there would be no other way to get obsidian.

2013-04-14 23:04

-9 me use bonemeal to grow faster just craft it with a bone by killing a skeleton or wolf

2013-02-18 23:23

-4 NickLama Pretty fun map, good work.

2013-01-18 22:38

-2 mzmingle That lava is really annoying. I was going to win, until that lava destroyed my ores island, and my chest was hidden in there just in case I was murdered. Apart from that, this is a great map!

2013-01-12 11:01

+8 grahamo Why did you put lava in the pillar it is annoying and stupid.

2012-10-05 01:26


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