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Mega Cube

Created by Ermin Caft

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Version 1.1 of my existing map Mega Cube.

This is a giant cube survival horror map. You wake up from your daily life and find you are imprisoned in a deadly maze. Can you scape? Can you survive?

This map use some of the new features of minecraft 1.8 to make it more interesting.

Your objective is to escape from the cube, and to do it you have to use what is at hand like resources that you can find in chests, blocks that you can destroy, things you can craft and so on.

You have also companions that like you are imprisoned in the cube, they talk to you and there is a background story that you will follow until you find the exit of the cube.

This map also has a custom texture pack included, it is automatically loaded with the map.

Map Details

Creator: Ermin Caft
(21 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8.1
Size: 2.6 MB
Added: 2015-02-05
Downloads: 116,744
Category: Survival Maps


-1 sean i dun like the v 1.1
where can i dl the original version?

2015-08-09 07:34

-3 lolamc15 i never watched cube the movie,but i will because this map is so awesome

2015-06-10 16:30

+3 3213 this map isn't that good story ok
puppet man cool reminds me of five nights a freedys 6/10

2015-05-12 22:20

+5 HighDosageGaming Amazing map adam ! I am a big fan of "Cube" the movie and this map had me feeling as If I were in the movie. I also did a Let's play of the map as it was my first time.

Video Gameplay Click Below

2015-03-12 03:00

+8 Kris At first I thought: Yeah, alright, let's just do this and get this over with.


I was overwhelmed. Although it "only" took me about 20 minutes to finish it (I'm very thourough, systematic and logical when it comes to puzzles like these), I must say I was taken by storm!

The first few rooms I just went through, but as I advanced and hit my first trap, it hit me how similar this was to the movie series. I carefully opened a new room each time, scared of what might spawn!

10/10 for this map - you've definitely earned it!

2015-02-11 21:57

-2 djwp14 so i reached an opening to outside and if you jump you fall into the void does this mean i win or is there a special way out because it was on a flat surface of the cube so do i win orrrr??? i made a video i dont know if i won or not

2015-02-10 22:38

+1 Firefright What the heck did you use to create mob6 (The Smoke thing that kills you... I hate it so much)
Like which mob is it. I know its hostile.

2015-02-07 22:05

+2 bikerchic this version is ok but I think I preferred the first one, :)

2015-02-07 16:35

+2 JoeMaxCut That damn puppet man. That damn puppet.

2015-02-07 15:25

0 Waffle Does anyone know where to find saplings? I pretty much did everything else, besides make a tree farm... Is it like in a cube room? and if so, any specific naming of it?

2014-12-30 22:45

-2 Waffle Quoting Matt:
Awesome map, haven't finished, so where can i find food?
In spawner dungeons, some have mushrooms, but that's the only way I know.

2014-12-30 22:43

+2 player Quoting Foxy:
Anyone who has problems with silverfish, do some research on where silverfish can come from. I'll just say that cobblestone is not as easy to acquire as you think it is.

Yea I found a chest with iron and got buckets

2014-12-30 20:46

+2 player I have started and i think i have found all the challenges but the diamond room is that a cube that all the walls are diamond or a place with diamonds in the chest

2014-12-30 20:45

+1 helper Quoting Matt:
Awesome map, haven't finished, so where can i find food?

you find mushrooms and then create mushroom soup

2014-12-30 20:43

+2 Matt Awesome map, haven't finished, so where can i find food?

2014-12-28 22:20

+1 Fyre

first episode of my lets play on this map. recorded abt an hour and a half so far (splitting it into smaller vids) and I absolutely LOVE it! :D great job!!!

2014-11-24 12:24

+11 MilaGunner This was a very good map. I've watched all the Cube movies so it was fun to be in one myself. It would have been fun to have traps or something along those lines so entering a room, you had more to fear than a spawner ;)
Good job!

2014-10-07 00:56

+2 Chloe AWESOME MAP BRO! so many possibilities! AWESOME

2014-08-12 15:18

+1 THekingplatypus very fun game based off the movies but a bit too easy

2014-07-19 18:24

+1 Foxy Anyone who has problems with silverfish, do some research on where silverfish can come from. I'll just say that cobblestone is not as easy to acquire as you think it is.

2014-07-17 06:16

-7 Cpt. Krazy i found this map was really awesome me an my buddy completed it in 11 episodes 20 mins each roughly

it DID get tedious but nonetheless very fun if anyone is interested please come check out my lets play id really appreciate it

2014-07-15 00:01

-1 TBone Great job! But I think you have to make more different rooms

2014-07-07 21:26

-10 Plotinus Sorry Ermin, there's just too many casuals playing your map.

2014-07-04 04:59

0 rockincreeper I really liked the map, was boring at times and when i fell out of the world and lost my loot made me sad..... But i had no idea how big the map was so i just went down then i stayed to the middle so i could get a sense of perception

2014-06-14 15:40

+4 That guy I do not understand why people are being disliked for not liking the map. I agree the map is not very good and it was copy/pasted. There is no place to start up. 3/10

2014-05-22 17:23

+13 BeggerStager Really cool. Put my playthrough on youtube. Also gave myself a more challenge by playing it on hardcore.

2014-05-17 16:03

-21 Mao Terrible. The concept is interesting but putting silverfish all over the place is a cheap and lazy way to make a map more ''challenging'' . It was okay the first room with them, but it gets annoying over time more than anything else.

2014-04-30 01:01

+30 chewbacca0815 i LOVE this map

2014-04-28 07:20

+15 juan very good map!!

2014-04-24 10:23

+16 Drunxkeg AMAZING BRO, i have never seen anything like it, and i play LOTS of maps.

2014-04-20 08:33


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