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Lonely Island Survival

Created by WaatsonBuildTeam

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Map Info:
Stuck on an island with little to no help. Getting started is one thing, Getting somewhere is another. From Wooden tools to slaying the dragon anything is possible when you set a goal for it.


  • An Island.
  • Over 25 Different Goals to Complete.
  • Randomly generated ores and more.
  • Secret places to go to.


  • If you want rules to be set you can follow these simply rules.
  • No cheating, No spawning in items, No leaving normal difficulty
  • The final rule everyone has to follow which is no leaving the island until you go so far you find new land.

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Map Usage
You can use this map in any way you like but if you feel like you want to help us you can give a link back to this page. Please contact waatsonbuildteam@gmail.com if you wish to make a video or something but you don't need to wait for a response as we may take some time before replying.

Waatson Build Team
The Waatson Build Team is made up of 2 cousins Thewilsta and Lolkid893. We enjoy making maps and put lots of effort into making them. We also thank you for playing our maps and hopefully you enjoy them aswell. If you wish to contact us you can send us an email at waatsonbuildteam@gmail.com and we will reply to you shortly.

Map Details

Creator: WaatsonBuildTeam
(273 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 14 MB
Added: 2015-12-23
Downloads: 21,108
Category: Survival Maps


+17 Nick Could I Translate this map to traditional Chinese,Because this map is Fun

2016-11-12 03:49

+10 hh Quoting Ethix:
How do you do achievement 6, get a villager?

Find a Zombie Villager and let and give him an golden apple

2016-09-11 06:32

+9 Cobble Hello!
I played your map... well... I just fooled around
So I just put together the funny moments and made that a video!

2016-06-16 16:03

+6 Adam Quoting Ethix:
How do you do achievement 6, get a villager?

Dunno. Maybe use a golden apple and splash potion of weekness and turn a zombie villager into a villager.

2016-03-14 04:03

+4 Ethix How do you do achievement 6, get a villager?

2016-02-14 17:40

+3 Me Hi!:) I lost the book with all the goals. Do you have a list of all of them?

2016-01-31 09:04

+5 The_Her0 Quoting Random Guy:
"Lonely Island" *does it in multiplayer*

Yes, but have commands enabled

2015-12-30 12:37

+8 Random Guy "Lonely Island" *does it in multiplayer*

2015-12-24 01:58


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