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Created by Ghounds

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SeaBlock is well... skyblock in the sea! Survive on a tiny island and trade with William a villager on the island for items to help you survive! Well... hopefully they help you survive.... Anyways! Build a house explore and find a few secrets on the island!

There are also some custom crafting recipes to help you advance in the game!

And a few custom advenments just for some more fun!

Feedback for this map is always appreciated!


Map Details

Creator: Ghounds
(96 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 6.3 MB
Added: 2021-04-25
Downloads: 20,843
Category: Survival Maps

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+1 Ayee Quoting THCDPRO:
eeee why is the map called island block and in the description its called Seablock??

probs because theres already a map called seablock:

2021-05-03 21:58

+1 koramint The video in the secret book is unavailable, I was totally expecting a rick roll

2021-05-03 16:06

+1 luke hi buddy the secret video on YouTube doesn't work

2021-05-02 04:20

+2 CaptainKharjo I'm unable to restart the tour to figure out the custom crafting recipes and now I'm stuck. I have no way to find them again.

2021-04-30 23:20

0 Mojo472 the link for the YouTube video mentioned in the book is not working. typed it in my browser and it said video not found

2021-04-28 00:02

0 THCDPRO eeee why is the map called island block and in the description its called Seablock??

2021-04-27 23:35

-1 Maria Alice I like too Much this game

2021-04-27 17:54

0 Carl_Wheezer__1 Is it possible to go to the nether, get leather for books, get lapis etc? the only thing I haven't tried yet is fishing

2021-04-27 13:13

-2 Anonymous One of the secrets in the water leading to this YouTube video ( ) say's that it's unavailable. Is it on private? If so it needs to be on unlisted.

2021-04-25 19:04


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