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Grinsdor Kingdom

Created by Mokay_96

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Hello everyone, this is my new map. Grinsdor Kingdom is a survival map with objectives. You have to survive and accomplish some challenges while exploring the vast set of islands, biomes and sites (villages, ruins, ...). You can play as a multiplayer map ! A map of the world is available with the download.

- Play at least on easy and survive as a classical survival game.
- Put good graphics performance.

Main objectives:
- Find and explore the eight sites of the map.
- Find the Grinsdor armor and sword.
- Build a base (other than the sites) on each biome.

Survival objectives:
- Make a bed.
- Build a house with a working fireplace.
- Make an iron armor, give it to a zombie and recover.
- Make a wheat farm and potato shaped red pepper.
- Destroy the rest of the ruined village with TNT.
- Make a map of the center of the map to see the kingdom of your map.
- Build a Nether portal with obsidian of one of the two volcanoes.
- Listen to a CD in the Pawnee tribe.
- Tame a cat and give him a bucket of milk.
- Teleport on the top of a mountain with a enderpearl
- Kill a skeleton with your bare hands.
- Enchant a book with sharpness and use it with a wooden sword.
- Build your own site in the Kohno desert.
- Connect two of the jungle islands with rails.



Map Details

Creator: Mokay_96
(29 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 29.08 MB
Added: 2013-10-16
Downloads: 73,051
Category: Survival Maps


-2 ryan i cant seem to find any slimes chunks and they wont spawn in the swamp do they spawn on this map and where abouts thx love this map.

2016-08-06 10:22

0 Mncrft Best map ever. It's awesome and perfect to play in survival with mods. Thanku

2016-02-20 11:46

+2 BarfingAlpaca This is probably one of the best maps I've played, but sadly I don't think I can continue :(. My FPS drops really really low whenever I play... like, at first i have 60 FPS (which is pretty low, even for my old mac :P) and then I start breaking blocks and walking, and it drops to literally 2 FPS D: Great map though!

2014-07-30 16:43

+5 epicness128 the map is one of the best survival maps I have ever played

2014-06-10 12:59

+4 CraftyCreeper this is a great map i spent 3 hours doing a live stream so ye ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!! !!!!

2014-05-09 18:26

+8 ejae25246 wow, map is the very best!

2014-04-01 11:39

+14 nutmeg84 Awesome map dude! I hope to see more of your builds in the future!

2014-01-09 02:03

+10 Nikoyokin I love this map!

2014-01-01 13:47

+12 MinecraftGirl007 Map is awesome, dude!

2013-12-26 15:24

+9 Awesomeness Nice map, man! love it

2013-11-26 01:00

+11 Mokay_96 You have to farm potato but your farm have to have a red pepper form. :)

2013-11-19 17:57

+21 BlockTwistGamer What's the Potato Shaped Red Pepper in the Survival Objectives?

2013-11-17 11:33

+9 TheAwesomeGem Hey nice map. I'm currently making a series of it.


2013-11-09 03:57

+18 UNKNOWN The challenges Are not very hard, i like it, nice work by the way!

2013-10-26 13:12

+13 ViridTomb Hey dood, nice map you made there! My crew and I started a full survival series on this map. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cELSWxnJNWY Do check it out and show your support if you enjoyed!

2013-10-20 10:47

+17 the mojang the map is a map ive been looking or in 1-2 months now thx this is an awesome map

2013-10-19 02:08

+9 Icee101 God this sounds like a better version of stoneless world survival, cant wait to play!

2013-10-17 22:08

+14 Mokay_96 The cords of the spawn are : x=-335, z=292 (y=63). Thank you for your comments :)

2013-10-17 20:17

+7 twistedboy999 this is awesome map nice work :D

2013-10-17 09:28

+9 Dodi Can you tell me the map cords just in case i lost it cause the main problem with all maps is when u start up a server with a map you randomly get teleported somewhere else. nice challenged tho!

2013-10-17 06:24


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