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Egg-ceptional Altitude

Created by Reather

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Map Info:
Prepare to be utterly shell-shocked by a new and speggtacular survival map!

A Beginner's Guide to Eggventuring:
You'll need some eggcellent survival skills if you're hoping to take on this map! Find your path across the Egg Islands and retrieve every resource you can. But keep your eyes peeled, because you'll find some quite eggstraordinary stuff out there!

Collect the Magical Eggs that randomly spawn across your world. Summon an Egg Merchant by throwing a Magical Egg on a block of gold. Trade your Eggs (and other chicken-related products) for Dragon Eggs, which will spew forth all kinds of goodies when sat upon.


  1. Create a crafting table.
  2. Craft an iron pickaxe.
  3. Craft a diamond block.
  4. Create an enchantment table and 15 bookshelves.
  5. Summon an Egg Merchant.
  6. Kill a ghast.
  7. Build The End portal.
  8. Defeat the Ender Dragon.
  9. Collect a carrot and a potato.
  10. Brew a jump boost potion.
  11. Create a Mooshroom farm.
  12. Collect 4096 cacti.

Map Details

Creator: Reather
(62 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.3
Size: 1.6 MB
Added: 2015-04-05
Downloads: 32,477
Category: Survival Maps


+1 NumberOnett You've got to tell me you're yolking, white would you make us suffer from the puns.

Eggcellent map, though.

2015-08-18 19:21

-1 CookieNinja101 There are so many bad yolks on this page that I'm Shell-shocked.

2015-06-11 19:03

-4 Reather Quoting Corssh:
Aaaand my dragon egg teleported to another dimension again, WHY YOU LEAVE ME, AM I NOT PRETTY

You are beautiful... in every single way... and words can't bring you down... ooohohooohohooh oh... you are beautiful today

2015-05-08 21:51

-3 Corssh Quoting Hello:
is there lava on the map for a cobble generator?

There is, inside the stone egg.

2015-05-06 13:25

-1 Hello Also. if you check your Y, you will find out it really is an Eggceptional Altitude. (And a Spegg-tacular map)

2015-05-06 11:52

-2 Hello is there lava on the map for a cobble generator?

2015-05-05 12:03

+4 Corssh Aaaand my dragon egg teleported to another dimension again, WHY YOU LEAVE ME, AM I NOT PRETTY

2015-05-02 10:57

+1 Jimmy I tried to fight the dragon, it didn't go over easy, but I try to look at the sunny side (up) of things.

2015-05-02 05:32

-2 nameogeverlabnds i threw ggs on a gold block but to no result. What do ?

2015-04-29 06:03

-2 yashayazdi I haven't gotten far in the map, but I see that in the ore eggs, there is only one diamond per. Are there more diamonds in the nether or end? (For the diamond block challenge)

2015-04-21 02:18

-1 someone hey nice partical effects of the egg. also does it matter where i put the nether portal?

2015-04-20 20:59

+1 Reather Quoting PLeAse TTl Me:
can you play with friends or is this for only 1 player?

Yes! I think you'll find it'll improve your eggsperience

2015-04-19 17:31

-1 EpicUltimatrix1 So many egg puns... AHH

But really, this map is pretty cool. The eggs.

2015-04-18 19:32

-1 PLeAse TTl Me can you play with friends or is this for only 1 player?

2015-04-17 02:27

-2 TROLOLOLOLO where is the Egg merchant?

2015-04-16 14:17

-3 Catcandydream Am I suppose to turn clouds off?

2015-04-12 18:38

+6 2scoopsrice Based on the title and description, I am prepared for an eggceptional amount of puns.

2015-04-12 07:17

+2 Yixuan Do get rabbit foot from the enderegg? And would the sand on the island fall if you break them?

2015-04-11 19:43

0 Reziztanze This is more "egg" puns than I can handle...


2015-04-11 13:46

+3 Reather Quoting vlelchuk:
do u play on peaceful?

You can if you like, I won't tell anyone

2015-04-09 08:24

+2 vlelchuk do u play on peaceful?

2015-04-09 00:19

+4 jezec So cool love the map I am excited for the next ☺

2015-04-08 18:29

+1 Reather Quoting SLGxMobbin:
I made it to the end but the dragon was glitched out and wasn't moving.

Try moving a little closer

2015-04-07 20:05

+1 SLGxMobbin I made it to the end but the dragon was glitched out and wasn't moving.

2015-04-07 18:42

-5 SLGxMobbin How do i build the end portal?

2015-04-07 03:21

+6 PL9 Hello! Just played through the map a couple times. It was really awesome! The random egg mechanics worked out really well. Even though they were just eggs, I found myself excited to collect them like presents. Using the egg merchant was also a clever challenge. Super fun twist on a void work survival!
Two things though, did anyone have trouble fighting the Ender Dragon? I got to the End, but the dragon didn't come for me. Also when you respawn you sometimes just fall back into the void. It's not the biggest deal though since all your stuff is gone anyway.

Here's a link to my spotlight video if interested: https://youtu.be/jRXuiyxhqtQ

2015-04-06 16:11

+3 SiverSeeker123 Awesome map i really like it

2015-04-06 09:29

+4 Josh This is kinda fun (I'm a huge fan of Skyblock-type maps) but the egg rewards are disappointing so far. My first two gave me a Saddle and 5 Lapis. Unless I was incredibly unlucky, this doesn't seem like the 'bounty' mentioned in the map.

2015-04-06 06:48

+3 HappyDude_00 I just loaded up the map and it looks AWESOME! Ive been wanting to do cube survival but its not the right version of MC. Alternitive!

2015-04-05 17:41


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