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Dead Apocalypse

Created by TheMadness

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Map Info

London, winter 2020. Zombies are everywhere, no way to escape, no way to kill all of them. Quarantine is the only solution. You must survive hordes, kill zombies with your guns and survive, waiting for relief aid. 7 days, an abandoned city with its secrets. Will you survive?

DEAD APOCALYPSE is an open project. Map parts, DLCs and other exciting things will arrive soon.


Update 1.0
This is the first release. If you find some bugs please report it sending me an email.

An update with 1.9 support will arrive soon.


Map Details

Creator: TheMadness
(708 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 5.3 MB
Added: 2016-04-06
Downloads: 54,919
Category: Survival Maps


+2 Nitrogaming Dude this map is just like Zombi London check zombies check future check fun check

2018-03-12 15:48

+4 Steve10 heres a tip Go creative mode and get the mask (pumpkin Mask) if you cannot go on creative mode open the lan when on the game go creative mode and type creative and were done or add a command block and /give @ minecraft:pumpkin
and thats is your only way to survive the gas

2016-11-21 18:53

-6 BlueJade_Mlp Can you turn this into a server?? pleas??

2016-07-18 02:50

-15 C00PY I had high expectations for this map, and it didn't fufill. I wouldn't recommend it.

2016-05-30 16:45

+4 PantelisMCkiller Hey i have to say something abut the map is just.....Awsome !

2016-05-17 15:12

+2 some1 When I spawn at the very beginning it says I have to put the gas mask on. I do, but even after I put it on the magic continues, I die immediately and am spawned to this dark room which I continue to die in. Please fix this.

2016-05-09 00:46

+4 Lixis I really enjoyed playing it. When I first startet in the "safe house" I died because I wasn't given any masks. But that might just have been a mistake. I think the concept with refilling chests are great, although you might inform the player of it. I went empty for masks some nights because I thought I had looted all the chests. One thing though; The food thing inside the house didn't work. It took my xp, but I didn't get food back. It worked fine with the weapons and stuff.
Other than that I think this is a wonderful, quick and fun map to play, singleplayer or multiplayer, whatever you like.

2016-04-15 20:18

-3 xWolfSoulx I just played it and it is so good!
But I want to see the ending.
It is Night 7 and then Day 1....
I hope you will make something soon!
I dunnow, like:
When Night 7 ends teleport the player to a beach or another town with his friend (a villager Hank).

2016-04-10 10:01

+2 TheMadness Quoting IceBowMaster:
Can you play this map in multiplayer?

Yes, i'ts also a multiplayer map

2016-04-08 04:57

-4 TheMadness Sorry, I don't have wrote texts into the map, but a friend. I'm gonna correct mistakes soon

2016-04-08 04:56

-4 MinecraftMapL0ver I would love to see the big changes on this and how it developes! I would suggest quests? See i havent played it just yet... But i am going to!

2016-04-07 20:51

-3 MooseForLife Quoting MooseForLife:
The grammar could use some work, but the textures are great, the shotgun has an issue that if you aim it then the shotgun aims into the sky. Anyways great map, k bye

Also i understand the fact that English might not be your first language, i still understand some of it. But the main problem is bugs, and the fact that when i downloaded the map it was peaceful. Still a great map with an interesting story about London being in quarantine.

2016-04-07 16:59

+3 IceBowMaster Can you play this map in multiplayer?

2016-04-07 15:22

-2 TheMadness Released first minor internal update. Now is 1.0.1
1.0.1 MINOR UPDATE 04/07/2016 mm/gg/yy
Now you can't sleep using bed
Now you can go out safehouse during night
Now your gas mask will not break when night comes

Just click download button to got it

2016-04-07 10:00

-4 MooseForLife The grammar could use some work, but the textures are great, the shotgun has an issue that if you aim it then the shotgun aims into the sky. Anyways great map, k bye

2016-04-07 09:32

-2 1ooo Dude, if this is your first map, you outdid yourself. The use of 3d models, toxic air mechanic, currency system, all good. Now to the bugs, while playing at night while wearing gas mask I would somehow end up still taking damage with the screen saying "Put mask on" when I had it on, it happened twice but other than that the mask worked fine. For me the food system didnt work, I would unload money into the food place and wouldnt get food so maybe a command to give played food isnt working, I got by on killing animals for meat. I dont know if its intended but the beds in the medical tents on the outersides of the map were an easy way to get to day 7. And lastly, when getting to day 7 nothing had happened, I returned to the safehouse and went out again and waited till the next day and instead it looped back to day 1, if thats how its meant to be I suggest adding an ending. Lastly the vines on the walls made it easy to escape the map, maybe remove those vines? Now onto some looks, the map itself was a pretty good size and the use of carts and other models were good really loved the flag usage as well. But the map felt a bit plain, the whole map is flat, no change in height or depth, also the buildings felt empty, bare of loot, furniture. You can also switch it up and add more detail to the outsides of the buildings as well. I suggest watching some tutorials on modern buildings or tutorials on adding texture to the walls and interior, the metro felt like an empty tunnel as well, adding rails on either side and some stone slabs in the middle can easily make it into a better metro. Overall, good job, just more detail

2016-04-07 08:59

-1 TheMadness I'll release today or tomorrow an update with major bugs fixing! Please do not rate bad this map

2016-04-07 04:07

-1 GN Playz Lots of bugs in this map. I am going to email you about what I found while I was recording. I'll have a video on the map later. Anyways, it was a good concept, except one MAJOR bug ruined the entire map for me.

2016-04-07 01:07


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